Everything You Need to Know About Fishing License Canada

fishing license canada


Fishing is more than a hobby. It’s a passion for many. Canada is a beautiful country with thousands of lakes and rivers that makes it a paradise for fishermen. A fishing license is required to legally fish in Canada.

What is a Fishing License Canada?

A fishing license allows you to fish in Canadian waters according to the rules and regulations. It is issued by Canada and must be held by every angler before they can go fishing.

Why do you need a Canada fishing license?

Fishing without a permit is illegal in Canada. To avoid any legal consequences, you will need a valid fishing licence. Fishing licenses ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations in the area and that you don’t harm the aquatic ecosystem.

Canada Fishing Licenses: Types

There are two types of fishing licenses available in Canada: the freshwater and saltwater. A freshwater license permits you to fish in freshwater bodies such as lakes, rivers, ponds, or streams, while a saltwater licence allows you to fish on the ocean.

Who is a Canadian Fishing License Required?

Canada requires that anyone over 18 have a fishing licence. Some provinces offer exemptions for senior citizens and Indigenous people that allow them to fish without a permit.

How to get a Canada Fishing License?

It is easy to get a Canada fishing license. It is possible to purchase it online, by phone, or in person. Prices for fishing licenses vary depending upon the province and type of license.

When do you need to renew your fishing license Canada?

Canada fishing licenses are valid for one-year. You must renew it each year before you can fish again.

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Rules and Regulations for Fishing in Canada

Canada has its own rules and regulations for fishing. These are the essential rules to follow when fishing in Canadian waters.

Fish Catch Limits

There are rules that govern the maximum number of fish you can catch in a given day. These rules can vary depending on the season, province and species.

Catch and Release

Many provinces in Canada have catch-and-release policies. This means that you must release the fish back into water after they are caught.

Fishing Season

To avoid legal consequences, the fishing season can vary from one province to the next.

Fishing Equipment

Canada’s law prohibits the use of prohibited fishing equipment such as electric shock devices or explosives.

Benefits of a Fishing License Canada

A Canadian fishing license is legal and offers many benefits to anglers. These benefits include:

Protection of Fish Species

A fishing license is a guarantee that you will follow all rules and regulations in the area. It also ensures that you are not damaging the aquatic ecosystem which is crucial to the survival of fish species.

Exclusive Areas

Fishing licenses allow you to access exclusive fishing areas that are only available to licensed anglers.


Fishing licenses protect the interests of licensed anglers who have been through background checks, including criminal history, making it safer for everyone.


Fishing is an exciting sport, but it also comes with its own set rules and regulations. A Canada fishing license is not only a legal requirement but also a vital document to protect the ecosystems and ensure safety for all anglers. Before you plan your next fishing trip to Canada, make sure you have a valid fishing licence.

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