Florida Fishing License Age Requirements: An Elaborate Guide

florida fishing license age requirements

Florida is a great state for fishing enthusiasts. Florida offers a variety of fishing opportunities from freshwater to seawater. Before you cast your line in the water, make sure you have a valid license. This guide will explain the age requirements to obtain a Florida fishing license.

What is a Florida Fishing License?

Let’s first define a Florida fishing licence. A fishing license in Florida is a legal document allowing an individual to fish on public waters. The license is valid according to the type of license you purchase.

Who needs a Florida fishing license?

Anyone who wants to fish on public waters in Florida must have a valid fishing licence. Residents and non-residents are both included. Certain individuals are exempted from obtaining a licence, such as children below a certain age.

Florida Fishing License Minimum Age Requirements

The age requirement to obtain a fishing permit in Florida depends on the type. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issues fishing licenses for anglers of any age.

Age requirements for Freshwater Fishing Licence

Anglers aged under 16 and Florida residents aged 65 and older are exempted from obtaining a freshwater fishing license. Non-residents, regardless of their age, are required to obtain a fishing license.

Age requirements for Saltwater Fishing License

Anglers who are under 16 years old and Florida residents 65 and older, are exempted from obtaining a saltwater fishing license. Non-residents under 16 years of age are also exempt from obtaining a fishing licence.

Age requirements for Combination Licenses

Florida residents aged 64 and younger, and non-residents aged 15 or older require a fishing licence to fish in both saltwater and freshwater. A combination license isn’t required for anglers who are under 16 years old and Florida residents over 65 years of age.

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How to Get a Florida Fishing License

The process for obtaining a Florida fishing license is simple. Anglers have the option to apply by mail, online, or in person. Here are the steps to get a fishing permit online:

  1. Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website.
  2. Select the type license you would like to apply for.
  3. Select your residency status.
  4. Please enter your personal details, including name, date of Birth, and contact information.
  5. Please provide proof of residency, or exemption status if applicable.
  6. Payment of the required fee
  7. Download, print and store your license as proof.


Fishing is a fun activity and Florida offers great opportunities for anglers of any age. To fish in public water, you will need a valid fishing licence. The age requirements for each license vary. Always put safety first, obtain the required license, and follow fishing regulations. You are now ready to fully enjoy fishing in Florida waters.

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