The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Animal Crossing

fishing animal crossing


Fishing is a popular activity in Animal Crossing. It’s an excellent way to relax and unwind while catching fish for your museum or to sell at Nook’s Canny. This guide will teach you everything you need about fishing in Animal Crossing. From basic fishing equipment to advanced techniques, this guide has it all.

Basic Fishing Equipment

You will need some basic fishing equipment to start fishing in Animal Crossing. You will need a rod to start. Nook’s Crank can sell you a fishing pole for 500 Bells. You can make your own fishing rod by crafting tree branches at a workbench. You will also need bait which you can either buy or make. You will also need patience, as fishing is a game of waiting.

The Right Fishing Rod

Three types of fishing poles are available in Animal Crossing. These are the flimsy rod, the regular rod, and the gold fishing rod. The flimsy rod is the weakest. The regular rod is reliable, and can catch most of the fish. The golden fishing pole is the best, and it will never break. It is difficult to catch all the fish in this game.

Using Bait

Bait is used to lure fish to your fishing spot. Bait can be purchased at Nook’s Cren or made yourself by digging up Manila Clams on the beach. Once you have your bait, attach it to your fishing rod and throw it in the water. When there is bait on the hook, fish will be more likely to bite it.

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Basic Fishing Techniques

Approaching the Water

You need to choose a good location before you start fishing. Hotspots are areas where there is a ripple in the water. Standing on a flat surface is important when approaching the water to ensure you can cast your fishing line effectively.

Casting Your Line

Press and hold the A-button to increase power and then release it to throw your line into the water. It is important to time the release so that your line lands at the right place. Aim for areas where fish are jumping.


Fishing takes a lot patience. Once you have cast your line, wait for the fish bite. If you pull your line too soon, the fish will swim off and you’ll need to recast.

Reeling in the fish

Press the A button once a fish bites your hook to start reeling in. It will take some effort if you are using a traditional fishing rod. Pay attention to the tension meter as it will tell you how much line is left to reel in. If the tension meter is too high, fish will escape.

Selling Your Fish

You can either sell the fish at Nook’s Cranny, or donate it to a museum. The price of a fish depends on its rarity. If you catch a very rare fish, it is possible to get a large amount of Bells.

Advanced Fishing Techniques

Fishing at different times of the day and year

Different fish can also be caught at different times during the day and year. A koi can only caught during daylight hours, while stringfish is only available during winter. You can catch rare fish by paying attention to the clock and calendar in the game.

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Fishing in Different Weather Conditions

The weather conditions can also influence the type of fish that you can catch. Coelacanths are best caught in rainy weather, while sea bass and black basses are best caught in clear weather. Pay attention to weather patterns as they may help you catch rare fish.

Using Fish Bait Effectively

Bait can be used as a way to attract fish towards your fishing spot. It’s important, however, to use it properly. To maximize your chances of catching fish, use bait in areas that already have fish.


Fishing in Animal Crossing can be a relaxing, fun activity enjoyed by players of any age. This guide will help you become a successful fisherman in the game, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler. You’ll catch rare fish if you are patient, use the correct equipment, pay attention to weather conditions, and know when to fish. Happy fishing!

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