FWC Red Fish Regulations: Everything You Need to Know

fwc red fish regulations

Many anglers enjoy fishing for redfish. It is important to follow the regulations in place to protect this fish species. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has set up some regulations that anglers need to follow when fishing redfish. This comprehensive guide will cover all the information you need to learn about FWC regulations for redfish.

Redfish Overview

Redfish, or red drum, are saltwater fish that can be found in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. They are also common along the Eastern coast of America. Redfish are found in shallow water and are popular with sport fishermen. These fish are essential to the ecosystem, and are among the most regulated in Florida.

FWC Red Fish Regulations

The FWC has established specific regulations that all anglers in Florida waters must follow when fishing for redfish. These regulations were implemented to conserve the redfish and ensure a sustainable population in Florida waters for future generations.

Size Limits

The FWC has set minimum and maximum size restrictions for redfish. The minimum size limit of redfish is 18″ measured from the tip to the base. The maximum size limit for redfish is 27 inches, also measured in the same way. Redfish that exceed these size limits should be immediately returned to the water.

Bag Limits

The FWC also has bag limits that specify the maximum amount of redfish an angler may keep in a day. In Florida, there is a bag limit of one redfish per person and per day. Redfish are not restricted to possession as long as they are caught in accordance with FWC regulations.

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Seasons and closures

The FWC has set specific seasons and closures in Florida for redfish. In the northern part, the redfishing season is open all year. In the southern part, the season is closed between May and August. Anglers are prohibited from harvesting redfish during this period.

Special Regulations

The FWC has established additional regulations for redfish in addition to the standard regulations. Anglers, for example, are not allowed to harvest redfish with any type of net. The fish cannot be stripped of its head, tail or skin until it is landed on shore.


Failing to comply with FWC regulations on red fish can result in penalties such as fines, confiscation, suspension of fishing licence, or even imprisonment. It is important to follow all regulations set by the FWC.


Redfish is a very popular species of fish among anglers. To ensure that this species will be protected and conserved, it is important to follow the FWC regulations. The information above will provide you with all the information you need about FWC regulations for red fish. It is your responsibility as an angler to follow these regulations in order to maintain a healthy, sustainable population of redfish.

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