Stardew Fish: A Comprehensive Guide to Fishing in Stardew Valley

stardew fish

If you’re a fan of Stardew Valley (a popular farming simulation), you probably know the importance of fishing. In Stardew Valley, fishing is not only an enjoyable way to relax, but also a vital part of earning income, completing tasks, and obtaining ingredients for cooking. This guide will teach you everything you need about Stardew Fish to become a master of the game.

Stardew Fish Basics

Let’s start by going over the basics. Fishing is a relatively simple and straightforward process. To start fishing, you will need a fishing rod. This can be purchased from Willy’s Fish Shop at 500 gold.

Once you’ve got the fishing rod in hand, head to the nearest body water, be it a river or lake. You can cast your line by pressing the appropriate button or right-clicking on your controller. You can control the fishing bar using your joystick or mouse to catch fish.

Each fish will have its own behavior and require a different method. Some fish are easier than others to catch. Others are more elusive, and require more skill. The difficulty of fishing will also vary depending on the weather, season, and time of day.

Stardew Fish Types

Stardew Valley has a variety of fish to catch, all with their own unique characteristics. There is always something new to explore, from everyday fish to rare and legend species. Take a look at the most notable fish in the game.

1. Anchovy

Anchovy is small, silvery fish found in the oceans during spring and fall. It is one of Stardew Valley’s most common fish and is easy to catch. Anchovy is a versatile fish that can be used for many recipes or sold to make a profit.

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2. Halibut

The halibut is one of the larger fishes that are found in the ocean between spring and fall. It is known for the flat shape it has and its ability camouflage on the ocean bottom. It takes more skill to catch the Halibut, but it’s worth it because it can be sold for a high price or used in cooking.

3. Salmon

The salmon is a migratory species that can be found in rivers during the fall. It is known for both its pink color and strength. Salmon is a difficult fish to catch because it fights, but its taste is very popular and it can be used for many delicious recipes.

4. Red Snapper

Red Snapper is an attractive fish that can be seen in the oceans during the summer months and the fall. It is one of Stardew Valley’s most valuable fish, both for cooking and for selling. Red Snapper is a fish that requires a moderate level of fishing skill, but the reward will be well worth it.

5. Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass, a large predatory species, can be found in rivers during spring, summer and fall. It is known for being aggressive and having the ability to fight. Anglers love the Largemouth Bass and it can be used to make a variety of culinary dishes.

6. Pufferfish

The Pufferfish, a unique species of fish, can be found in oceans during the summer. It is well-known for its ability inflate when threatened. The Pufferfish, a highly valued and sought-after fish requires expert fishing skill to catch.

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Fishing Tips & Tricks

Let’s look at some tips and tricks that will help you become an effective angler.

1. You can now level up your fishing skills

Stardew Valley allows you to increase your fishing skills by completing fishing quests and catching fish. As your fishing skills improve, you’ll be able catch more difficult fish as well as increase your chances of reeling rare and valuable catches. Spend some time every day practicing your fishing skills.

2. Upgrade your fishing rod

Upgrade your fishing rod as you progress through the game. Willy’s Fish Shop sells more advanced fishing rods with increased casting distances, hold capacities, and durability. These upgrades can improve your fishing experience, and increase your chances to catch rare fish.

3. Attention to fishing spots

Stardew Valley has different fishing spots. Fish can be detected by certain areas, like bubbles and reeds at the surface of the water. Casting your line near these spots will increase your chances of catching rare fish. Try different fishing spots to discover the most productive areas.

4. Use bait and tackle

For any serious angler, bait and tackle are essential. Bait increases the frequency at which fish bite while tackle offers additional bonuses, such as an increased fish escape bar or better casting distance. Willy’s Fish Shop sells bait and tackle, which are well worth the money for avid fishermen.

5. Plan your fishing trips

Each fish in Stardew Valley prefers a specific season, time of the day, and weather condition for optimal catch rates. Plan your fishing trips according to these factors. You can maximize your chances to catch rare and valuable fish by fishing at the right time under the right conditions.

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Quests and Rewards

Fishing in Stardew Valley is not only about catching fish to cook and sell, but also about completing quests and gaining rewards. Fishing-related quests are offered by several characters in the game. You must catch certain fish or deliver specific amounts of fish to complete them.

You will receive gold and friendship points for completing these quests, but you will also unlock new fishing equipment and areas and improve your fishing skills. To expand your fishing horizons, keep an eye out for quests from characters like Willy, Linus and the Wizard.


In conclusion, fishing in Stardew Valley is a fun and essential activity. You can earn a regular income, complete quests and discover many different fish species by mastering the art. Each fish has its own challenges and rewards, from the common Anchovy up to the elusive Pufferfish.

Don’t forget to upgrade your fishing rod and pay attention to the fishing spots. You can increase your chances of catching rare species of fish by using bait and tackle. Also, time your fishing trips according to the preferences of each fish. You will become a master Stardew Valley angler with practice and dedication.

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