Fishing in Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

fishing in stardew valley

Fishing is a popular activity in Stardew Valley. It is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed all year. Additionally, it can provide a great source for income and unlock valuable resources. This guide will cover everything you need to know about fishing in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Started in Fishing

Before you can begin enjoying the benefits of fishing, you need a fishing rod. You can buy one at Willy’s Fish Shop or make one yourself using these materials:

  • 5 Wood
  • 1 Fiber

Once you have a fishing rod in your hand, move to a body water (ponds or rivers, oceans, etc.) and cast your line by pressing the left mouse button until it reaches the top. Release the button to cast your line. Wait patiently until an exclamation mark appears (! You’ve caught something if an exclamation mark (!) appears above your head.

A mini-game will start when you catch a fish. You will need to keep it within the green rectangle at the bottom. You will see the fish move up and down so you will need adjust the bar’s position to keep them inside.

Fishing Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started with fishing in Stardew Valley.

  • Start with fish that are easy to catch, such as Carp, Anchovy or Herring.
  • When the bite is at its best, fish in the morning or evening.
  • You need to choose the right bait for the fish you are trying. While worms work well for most fishes, some species require different baits.
  • To catch more rare and larger fish, upgrade your fishing rod as soon possible.
  • Pay attention to the season and weather conditions. Some fish are only available in certain seasons or weather conditions.
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Fishing spots in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a variety fishing spots, each offering its own fish species and challenges. These are the top fishing spots in the game.


The beach is a great place to fish because it has easy access to water and a variety of fish species such as Anchovy, Clam and Cockle. Fishing in the ocean can also yield coral, seashells and other valuable resources.


The river is a great place to catch catfish, sunfish and other freshwater species. The river can be found in the northeast and southeast parts of Stardew Valley. You can also catch some rare fish species by fishing in the river during the fall season, such as the Ghostfish or the Woodskip.

Mountain Lake

The Mountain Lake is a small, isolated body of water located in the northeastern part of Stardew Valley. It is a great spot to catch trout, salmon, and other mountain species. Fishing in Mountain Lake can be difficult because the fish are more active than usual and more aggressive.

Fishing Strategies and Techniques

Once you have mastered the basics, you can begin to experiment with new techniques and strategies to catch larger and rarer fish. These are the best ways to improve your fishing skills.

Bait and Tackle

The right bait and tackle can greatly increase your chances of catching larger and rarer fish. Here are some great bait and tackle options to catch different types of fish.

  • Carp: Dough Bait or Bug Meat
  • Catfish: Shad or Bream
  • Eel: Night Market Bait or Squid
  • Mahogany: Worms and Crawdad
  • Tuna: Sardine, Anchovy or Tuna
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Fishing Skills

You will get more experience fishing the more you fish. This will lead to better fishing skills. The Fishing Skill measures your ability to catch fish, unlocks valuable resources, and gives you bonuses. Here are some benefits to leveling up your Fishing Skills:

  • Ability to use better bait and tackle
  • Greater chance of catching rarer and larger fish
  • Access to new fishing areas and resources
  • Fishing offers the chance to find treasure and other rare items.

Fishing rod upgrades

You can improve your fishing skills and catch more rare and valuable fish by upgrading your fishing rod. These are the various fishing rod upgrades that are available in the game.

  • Fiberglass Rod: This rod can be used to catch more fish than the standard rod.
  • Irirdium Rod – The best rod in the game. It allows you to use bait and tackle, has a wider range of catch options, and increases your chances at catching rarer fish.

Fishing competition in Stardew Valley

The Fishing Competition is one of the most exciting events in Stardew Valley. It takes place on the 16th of each season. The Fishing Competition runs from 6 AM to 2 PM and requires you to catch as many fish in the given time.

The competition is divided into three groups: Smallmouth Bass, Catfish and Walleye. The player who catches more fish in a given time limit is the winner of each category. The overall winner receives a prize that changes each year.

Tips for Fishing Competition

Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning this fishing competition:

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  • Get the best fishing tackle and bait for your rod.
  • Concentrate on catching the right species of fish for the competition.
  • Pay attention to the weather and the time of the day as they can have an impact on the bite rate.
  • To avoid missing any catch opportunities, set up your fishing spot near competitors.

The Bottom Line

Fishing is an important activity in Stardew Valley. It provides players with valuable resources, income, as well as a fun way of passing the time. You can learn the basics of fishing and experiment with different strategies and techniques to unlock your true potential. In no time you will be a pro at fishing.

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