Secure Your Fishing Licence in Illinois Now – 6 Steps!

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Are You Going Fishing? To legally fish in Illinois, you will need a fishing license. It’s required by law and is part of responsible fishing. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about obtaining a fishing license in Illinois.

Apply Online for an Illinois Fishing Licence

Online applications are possible with the Illinois Department Of Natural Resources. Online application is the fastest and easiest way to apply. Online applications require personal information, current address, and Social Security Number. While you don’t need a photo ID to apply online, you will be asked to verify your age and provide the last four digits from your SSN. You can then choose the type and amount of license you require, pay the fee, and print your receipt.

There are many types of Illinois fishing licenses available

The type of fishing license you need depends on several factors: where you fish, whether you are a resident or non-resident, and if you have any special considerations like disabilities. Let’s take a look at each one individually:

What type of water am I headed to?

If you want to fish in Lake Michigan, the Illinois River or Mississippi River and all other freshwater lakes in the state, you will need a valid fishing license. You will also need a permit to fish the Illinois river.

Resident Or Non-Resident?

The State of Illinois offers fishing licenses at a discounted price to residents of the state. Non-resident fishing licenses are more expensive. To be eligible for a resident license, you must have resided in Illinois for at least 30 consecutive days before applying for one.

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Special permits for disabled persons

Illinois offers a lifetime fishing license for people with disabilities. The permit is valid for your entire lifetime and exempts you from paying the standard fishing license fee. The State offers fishing licenses at reduced prices to seniors over 64 and youth under 16 years old.

13-18 Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the cost of an Illinois fishing license?

A: The cost to purchase an Illinois fishing license varies depending on whether you are a resident or a non-resident. A non-resident permit for one day costs $8, a three-day permit costs $17, a seven-day permit costs $30, and an annual permit costs $38. Annual permits for residents are less expensive at around $15.

Q: Where can I buy a fishing license in Illinois?

A: You can purchase a fishing license from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, or any other retailer that sells fishing licenses. Online applications are also possible.

Q: Do I need a special permit to fish the Illinois River?

A: Yes. To fish the Illinois River, you will need to apply to a special permit. The permit is only for the river and does not apply to other water bodies in the state.

Q: How long will it take to get my fishing license?

A: It should only take a few minutes to apply online. It could take up to 15 working days to receive your fishing license if you apply in person or by post.

Q: How long is a fishing license valid?

A: A fishing license for Illinois is valid for one-year from the date of purchase.

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Q: Are Licences Non-Transferable?

A: No, Illinois fishing licenses are not transferable. To use the license, you must have it in your name.

Q: Can I fish in Illinois without a license?

A: It is illegal in Illinois to fish without a valid fishing license.

Q: How long is a permit that is issued to persons with disabilities valid for?

A: A permit issued by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for persons with disabilities is valid for life.

Q: Do I need to keep my fishing license with me at all times?

A: Yes. You must always have your fishing license with you when you fish. A conservation officer may ask you to show your fishing license. You could be subject to a fine or other penalties if you fail to comply.

Q: Can I Fish For Free In Illinois?

A: No. All anglers who fish in Illinois must have a valid fishing license.

Q: What is the penalty for fishing without a licence?

A: The penalties and fines are different for each offence. Fishing without a valid license is generally a Class B Misdemeanour that can lead to up to six months imprisonment, a $1500 fine or both.

Q: Do I need to know about any other regulations before I go fishing?

A: All anglers should be familiar with the state’s rules. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources website has a complete list of regulations for each species and their limits.

Q: What is the minimum length of fishing equipment that I can use in Illinois?

A: You can use any length line and rod, but spears and gaff hooks cannot exceed 36 inches. A combination of angling, spearing, and both must not exceed six rods, lines, and spears.

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Q: Can I sell the fish I catch?

A: No. It is illegal to sell any Illinois fish caught. You can give away or exchange fish, but you cannot accept any payment.

Q: What happens if I catch more than one fish?

A: You must release all fish caught above the limit for a specific species of fish. This is a good practice for everyone to ensure the health of our fisheries.

This information will help you to get your Illinois fishing license. Responsible anglers must follow the state’s regulations to keep the waterways clean. Make sure you get your fishing license today!

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