7 Exciting Fishing FF14 Tips to Catch Your Next Big Fish!

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Final Fantasy XIV’s fishing mode (abbreviated as FF14), allows adventurers to replenish their in-game funds with the help lures and fishing rods. This well-known activity is a great source of income, crafting material, and achievements in the game. These tips will make fishing in Eorzea easy.


Choose the right fishing rod

A fishing rod can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful fishing session. Here are some of the top FF14 fishing rods.

  • Ivory Rod (level 1-9).
  • Silver Rod (level 10-19).
  • Darksteel Rod (level 20-29)
  • Goold Rod (level 30-39).
  • Titanium Rod (level 40-50).
  • Mythril Rod (level 50-60)
  • Zenith Rod (level 60-60)
  • Titanium Alloy Rod (levels 70-80).
  • Guren Rod (level 80-90)

Fishing Hotspots

Eorzea is full of great fishing spots. However, there are some that stand out as especially lucrative. If you want to catch a big fish, then head out to these areas.

  • The Sea of Clouds
  • The Steps of Faith
  • The Rak’tika Greatwood
  • The Mayha Coast
  • Kugane
  • Maraqua

Strategy Guide

Mastering the right strategies and tactics is key to successful fishing in FF14. These are some tips to help you get maximum enjoyment from the game.

  • Make sure you have the right gear. You can increase your chances of catching a fish by investing in the best fishing rods, baits, and other tackle.
  • Be patient – Fish can be difficult to catch so it is important to be patient. Give yourself extra time to find the right spot and land the fish.
  • Explore the map – New areas may have different fish so make sure you explore and find new fishing spots to get access to a variety of fish.
  • Keep your line on the line – If there is a bite, wait a while before you reel in to ensure a successful catch.
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Rewards & Achievements

For the persistent angler, fishing in FF14 can bring you a lot of rewards and achievements. Fishing trips that are successful can give you crafting materials, gil and rare gear as well as experience points. You can also unlock various fishing achievements and rewards by completing certain tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which fishing rod is the most powerful?

The Guren Rod is the highest-level fishing rod and is available to players at levels 80-90.

Q2: How can I unlock more fishing spots

Completing fishing-related tasks can help you unlock more fishing spots. This will allow you to access more fishing spots.

Q3: What kind of fishing rewards can I expect?

Craft materials, gil and rare gear are some of the fishing rewards. Different fish types also offer different rewards.

Q4: How can I use a fishing pole?

Your fishing rod can be taken out of your inventory and placed in a fishing spot. Choose the bait you wish to use, and wait for a bite. Wait a few seconds until you feel the bait bite.

Q5: Do you need a fishing licence?

You do not need a fishing permit to fish in FF14.

Q6: How can I improve my fishing experience?

Fishing can be improved by catching different types and completing tasks related to fishing.

Q7: What kind of fish can you catch?

The type of fish you catch will depend on where you are fishing. Different locations will have different types of fish.

Q8: Can I catch as many fish as I want?

There is no limit on the number of fish you can catch. However, fishing spots can sometimes become temporarily depleted and may need to be replenished over time.

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Q9: What’s an expert fisherman?

An Expert Fisher is someone who has reached the highest level in fishing proficiency. Special titles and rare gear are given to Expert Fishers.

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