Red Fish Freshwater: A Guide to Its Characteristics and Care

red fish freshwater

Red fish freshwater, also known scientifically as Pseudomugil Gerudae, is a popular species of fish that is well-known for its striking red color. This fish is native to the grassy marshes and swamps of Papua New Guinea. It has a calm demeanor. They are easy to care for due to their vibrant appearance and low maintenance. They have become a popular choice for novice and seasoned fish keepers.


Physical Appearance

Red fish freshwater is a small, slender species of fish that can grow up to 2 in. or 5 cms in length. Their bright red or orange-red coloration is evident on their bodies. They also have fins with blue, purple, or yellow patches. Their translucent bodies and reflective scales create a beautiful, iridescent effect. Males have a shorter and more pointed dorsal tip and a slimmer body than females.

Considerations before buying freshwater red fish

These are the essential factors to consider before you decide to take on this beautiful fish species.

Water Parameters

Red fish freshwater needs water temperatures between 75F-82F or 24degC to 28degC. They are not able to tolerate extreme changes in water temperature or harsh chemicals such as chlorine so ensure you have consistent water. For their health and well-being, a pH level between 6.5 and 8.2 and a water hardness between 6-20 dH is ideal.

Aquarium Size

Red fish freshwater is small and requires a minimum of a 10-gallon aquarium to thrive. Red fish are social animals, so keep them in groups of six or greater. A larger aquarium would be necessary.

Dietary needs

They eat small amounts of frozen or live foods such as brine shrimps, daphnia and bloodworms. You can also supplement their diet with high-quality flakes and pellets.

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Compatibility with Other Fish Species

Red fish freshwater can be a peaceful species and can be coexisted with other peaceful fish species such as guppies and tetras. They should not be kept with aggressive fish or other bright-colored fish as they may perceive them as a threat or competition.

Do Your Research Before You Buy Red Fish Freshwater

Before introducing red fish to your aquarium, it is important to do extensive research. This will ensure they receive the proper care and conditions for growth.

Where to Buy Red Fish Freshwater

Red fish freshwater can be purchased at a local pet shop, aquarium hobbyist clubs, and online retailers. To ensure that your fish are healthy and free of diseases, only purchase from reputable breeders.

Transport of Red Fish Freshwater

For their safety, transport your fish home in a safe, clean container. You should set the water temperature at the right level and avoid any sudden changes that could cause stress or injury to your fish.


It is a good idea for new fish species to be quarantined before being introduced to your main aquarium. This will reduce the chance of parasites or diseases spreading to the fish.

Red Fish Freshwater: Care and Maintenance

Feeding Schedule

Two times a day, give your red fish freshwater. You can provide a variety of food, including frozen or live foods, flakes, pellets, and supplements such as algae wafers and spirulina. To maintain a healthy and clean tank, avoid overfeeding.

Water Testing

Regularly test your aquarium water to make sure it is at the right pH, ammonia and nitrite levels for your fish and plants. To keep your fish happy and healthy, monitor the water temperature.

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These simple cleaning steps will ensure your aquarium remains clean and healthy.

  • Weekly clean the gravel bed
  • Every week, change 25% of the water
  • Regularly remove any algae from the tank walls
  • Change the cartridge every 4-6 weeks to clean and replace the filters


The red fish freshwater is a peaceful and calm species. They love swimming in schools and are often shy around larger or more aggressive fish. It is important to provide them with safe hiding places, such as caves or plants, so they feel secure.


Red fish freshwater is an egg-spreading species. Females can lay up 100 eggs in one spawning. For a week, separate males from females and give them high-protein food. Once you have noticed signs of courtship, move the males into the breeding tank. The females will soon follow. The breeding pair can then be conditioned. To prevent the parents from eating the eggs, take them out of the breeding tank after they have spawned. To promote healthy growth, feed the fry small amounts of brine shrimp and other high-quality food multiple times per day.

Red Fish Freshwater Diseases: Common Diseases

Red fish freshwater can cause some health problems, including:

  • Tail or fin rot
  • Fungal infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Ick or white spot disease

Keep your fish healthy by watching for changes in behavior and taking immediate action if you see any. For the best treatment or medications, consult an aquarium expert.


Red fish freshwater is a striking, easy-to-keep species of fish that is great for both beginners and professionals. They will live happily in your aquarium if you provide them with the right water conditions, a healthy diet, and enough space. They can live up to 4+ years if they are properly cared for and maintained. This makes them a great addition to any aquarium hobbyists’ collection.

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