Choke Canyon Fishing Guide: The Ultimate Fishing Destination

choke canyon fishing guide

If you’re looking for a great fishing adventure, then look no further than Choke Canyon in Texas. Choke Canyon Reservoir, located in South Texas, is a top destination for bass fishing enthusiasts. Choke Canyon Reservoir is known for its clear water, scenic views, as well as ample fishing opportunities. It’s a paradise for anglers. Choke Canyon is the place to go if you want an unforgettable fishing experience. This Choke Canyon fishing guide will tell you everything you need before you start your fishing trip.

About Choke Canyon Reservoir

Choke Canyon Reservoir, which covers more than 25,500 acres, was formed in 1980. The reservoir is located on the Frio River near Three Rivers in Texas and serves as the primary source of water for Corpus Christi. The lake’s depth can reach 95 feet in some areas and offers a variety of fishing opportunities. The lake is stocked regularly with a variety of fish including largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish and catfish.

Choke Canyon Reservoir Fishing: When to go fishing

Choke Canyon is best visited during the fishing season. The best time to fish for largemouth bass is between October and May, but catfish and crappie can be found all year. Fishing is best in the spring, when temperatures are warmer and fish are more active. The fishing is also excellent in the fall and winter months, when you will likely have the lake to yourself.

What to bring for Choke Canyon Fishing

To make your fishing trip successful, you will need the right equipment. You will need the following:* Fishing equipment, including rods and reels, bait, and hooks. You can buy one online or on site.

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Choke Canyon Reservoir: Where to Stay

Choke Canyon Reservoir has a variety of accommodation options, from RV camping and cabins to lodges. Choke Canyon Lodge offers luxurious amenities. Or, you can opt for camping at one of many campsites. You can choose from a variety of RV parks and campsites around the lake where you can park your RV, pitch your tent or enjoy the scenic views.

What can you expect from fishing at Choke Canyon Reservoir?

Choke Canyon Reservoir offers excellent fishing opportunities. You can expect to catch many different fish species. Many anglers travel from around the world to catch this elusive fish. Catfish, crappie and sunfish are also found in the lake, providing a variety of fishing opportunities.

Tips for catching bass at Choke Canyon Reservoir

When targeting bass, depth is key. Start in deeper areas and move shallower.


Every angler should experience the unforgettable experience of fishing at Choke Canyon Reservoir. It’s not surprising that many anglers return year after year because of the beautiful scenery and abundance of fish species. This Choke Canyon fishing guide will provide you with all the information you need before you embark on your next trip to Choke Canyon. Always remember that safety comes first when fishing. Follow the rules and regulations and leave the environment the way you found it. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, and create memories to last a life time.

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