Neversink River Fishing: Your Guide to an Unforgettable Experience

neversink river fishing

The Neversink River, located in the Catskill Mountains is a beautiful gem just a few hours from New York City. The river is well-known for its clear waters, outstanding fly fishing opportunities, and stunning scenery. You can add Neversink River fishing to your bucket list, whether you are a seasoned or novice angler. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Neversink River Fishing, including the best spots and techniques, gear, and more.

An Overview of the Neversink River

The Neversink River, a tributary to the Delaware River, runs approximately 55 miles from its headwaters at the Catskill Mountains to its point of entry into the Delaware River near Port Jervis. The river is surrounded with pristine forests and mountains making it an ideal destination both for anglers and nature lovers. The Neversink River has been designated a Wild and Scenic River by the federal and state governments to protect its natural beauty and biological diversity. There are many fish species in the river, including brown trout and rainbow trout as well as smallmouth bass and smallmouth bass.

Where to fish on the Neversink River

Anglers have many options for fishing in the Neversink River, from small tributaries through large pools. The following are some of the best spots to fish in the Neversink River:

  • The Lower River: This section of the Neversink River is located near Port Jervis and is home to some the largest smallmouth bass in the region. This area is ideal for fly fishing because the river becomes wider.
  • The Middle River: This section of the Neversink River has a mixture of deep pools and shallow runs, which is ideal for wading. This section is home both brown and rainbow trout and offers anglers the chance to catch both in one spot.
  • The Upper River: This section of the Neversink River’s upper section is a small, freestone stream which is ideal for dry fly fishing. This section is home for brook trout and offers anglers the chance to catch them in a beautiful, remote setting.
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Techniques for Neversink River Fishing

You need to have patience, knowledge, and skill to fish the Neversink River successfully. Here are some techniques that can help you land the big one.

  • Dry Fly Fishing: This is a very popular technique for the Neversink River, particularly in the upper section. To lure fish to your fly, you can cast a dry fly on the surface of the water, mimicking the movements of insects.
  • Nymph Fishing is a method of fishing that mimics the larval stage aquatic insects. This technique works well in deep pools or runs where fish are near the bottom.
  • Streamers: Streamers can be described as large, flashy flies which imitate large aquatic insects or baitfish. This technique is most effective in the lower river section, where smallmouth bass are more common.

Gear for Neversink River Fishing

For a successful Neversink River fishing trip, it is important to have the right gear. Here are some must-haves.

  • Fly Rod: A fly rod of 4 to 6 pounds is ideal for Neversink River fishing.
  • Fly Reel: For landing big fish, a quality fly reel with a smooth drag is crucial.
  • Fly Line: A floating fly line that is lightweight and easy to use is ideal for all Neversink River fishing situations.
  • Leaders and Tippets: For most Neversink River fishing conditions, 9-foot leaders with 4X-6X tippets are recommended.
  • Fly Selection: You will need a variety of dry flies and nymphs to make a Neversink River fishing trip a success.


Q: Do I need to have a fishing permit to fish in the Neversink River

A: Yes. To fish on the Neversink River, you will need a fishing licence. A fishing license can be purchased online or at a local sporting goods shop.

Q: Are there any restrictions for fishing on the Neversink River?

A: There are restrictions on Neversink River fishing. These include catch-and-release regulations as well as seasonal closures. Before you go fishing, be sure to read the restrictions and current regulations.

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Q: When is the best time to fish the Neversink River?

A: Depending on the species of fish that you are targeting, the best time to fish the Neversink River is the year. The best times to catch trout are generally spring and fall, while smallmouth bass fishing is best in the summer.

Q: Can I fish at night on the Neversink River?

A: Fishing on the Neversink River can only be done during daylight hours.

Q: What’s the water temperature on the Neversink River in the winter?

A: The temperature of water in the Neversink River depends on the season and where it is located. The water is usually cold even in summer so it is important that you wear the right clothing and gear.

Q: What should you wear for Neversink River Fishing?

A: Neversink River fishing is a sport that requires you to be dressed appropriately, especially if your plan is to swim in the river. To keep you dry and warm, wear waterproof pants or boots, gloves, and waders.

Q: Is there a hiking trail near the Neversink River.

A: Yes. There are many hiking trails close to the Neversink River. These include the Catskill Park trail network and the Neversink Unique Area Trail system.

Q: Can I camp near Neversink River?

A: Yes. There are many campgrounds and primitive camping areas close to the Neversink River. These include the Little Red Kill Campground, and the Mongaup Pond Campground.

Q: What’s the scenery like at the Neversink River

A: The Neversink River has stunning scenery, including pristine forests, mountain vistas and crystal-clear waters.

Q: What kinda wildlife can I expect on the Neversink River?”

A: The Neversink River houses a variety wildlife including deer and black bears, bald-eagles and many others.

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Q: Can I fish the Neversink River using a spinning rod?

A: Yes, you are able to fish the Neversink River using a spinning rod. Fly fishing is however the most popular method among anglers.

Q: Can I fish the Neversink River alone?

A: It is possible to fish the Neversink River alone. A guide is helpful if you are new to the area or a beginner.

Q: What is the limit on the size of trout in the Neversink River’s waters?

A: The size limit to catch trout in the Neversink River depends on the section and the season. Before you go fishing, be sure to check the current size limits and regulations.

Q: Is there any restriction on bait or lure use in the Neversink River?

A: The Neversink River has restrictions on bait and lure usage, including sections for fly fishing and sections for artificial lures. Be sure to read the current regulations before you go fishing.

Q: What should you do if you catch a fish in the Neversink River

A: Neversink River fish are best handled gently. To protect the fish population and ensure future generations have the same fishing opportunities, catch-and-release regulations were established.

Q: Can I swim in Neversink River?

A: Swimming in the Neversink River can be dangerous due to its cold water and strong currents.

Q: Is it accessible to people with disabilities, the Neversink River?

A: Yes. There are areas of the Neversink River accessible to people with disabilities. Some areas might be difficult to navigate because of the rugged terrain and uneven terrain.


Anglers should experience Neversink River fishing at least once in their lives. The Neversink River is a unique place with its clear waters, amazing fishing opportunities and stunning scenery. The Neversink River has something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned angler and a beginner. We hope this guide has helped you plan your unforgettable Neversink River fishing trip.

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