Fishing Trawler OSRS – The Ultimate Guide

fishing trawler osrs

<br /> The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Trawler OSRS<br />

Welcome to our guide on the Fishing Trawler in Old School RuneScape. This guide will cover everything you need about the Fishing Trawler activity, including how to play, strategies for success and rewards you can earn. Grab your fishing gear and prepare to embark on a fishing adventure!

What is a fishing trawler?

The Fishing Trawler mini-game is a cooperative game where players work together in order to keep the fishing industry thriving in the small port town of Port Khazard. The main goal is to help the crew catch and preserve as many fishes as possible, while overcoming various obstacles and challenges. You will be rewarded for your efforts with valuable items, such as fishing equipment and experience.

How to Participate

You must have at least level 15 Fishing before you can take part in the Fishing Trawler. To begin the game, go to Port Khazard located just east of Ardougne. Enter the building marked with a symbol of a fishing net on the minimap once you arrive. You will find a Trawler Operator inside who will explain the game and allow you to take part in the next trip.

You must board the Fishing Trawler when it is ready to depart. The ship will not wait for latecomers. After boarding the ship, the game begins. You will be sailing in the turbulent sea, trying to catch as much fish as you can.

Success Strategies

1. Efficient Stamina Management

Managing your stamina during the Fishing Trawler game is essential. Avoid running as much as you can to maximize your fishing potential. To regenerate energy, you can walk or rest near the barrels of the ship.

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2. Repairing Leaks

Leaks can appear on your ship as you sail through the ocean. Players must repair leaks with a hammer, swamp paste and other tools to prevent the boat from settling. Communication and assigning roles are essential to fix the leaks efficiently and prevent the boat from absorbing too much water.

3. Choosing the Correct Bait

Some fish require a specific bait in order to be caught. Attention is required to the dialogue box, as it will indicate which bait is required. Bring different baits such as worms or feathers to catch more fish.

4. Co-operation and Teamwork

Fishing Trawler requires teamwork to be successful. Communication is key to assigning tasks, repairing leaks or bailing water as efficiently as you can. Cooperation and coordination can improve your chances for a successful trip.

Enjoy the Benefits

You can receive a variety of items, fishing equipment, and experience by completing a successful Fishing Trawler Trip. Some of the rewards are:

  • Rare fish for cooking and trading
  • Fishing experience points
  • Fishing trawler clothing pieces
  • Access to the Trawler Fishing Shop, which offers unique products
  • Collect clue scrolls

Fishing Trawler offers a variety of rewards that can make it a fun and rewarding activity for both new and experienced players.


The Fishing Trawler is a great way to learn about fishing and teamwork. This is a great way to improve your skills at fishing, earn valuable rewards and interact with other users.

To ensure a successful fishing trip, gather the necessary supplies and communicate effectively with your crew. Also, manage your stamina well. So grab your fishing gear and jump aboard the Fishing Trawler to experience the thrill of the high seas.

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