How Much Are Fishing License in Texas

how much are fishing license in texas


Anglers can enjoy fishing in Texas’s many lakes, rivers and coastal waters. You’ll also need a fishing permit to cast your line. How much does a Texas fishing license cost? This guide will explain the different types of licenses and their prices.

Types of fishing licenses

There are different types of fishing permits available in Texas. These include freshwater fishing permits, saltwater fishing permits, and all-water licenses. Each license type allows you to fish in different bodies throughout the state. There are also different licenses for residents and nonresidents. Each has its own set of fees.

Resident Fishing Licenses

A freshwater fishing permit costs $30 for Texas residents. This license allows you fish in freshwater bodies within the state. Saltwater fishing licenses cost $35. A $40 all-water license is available to those who like both freshwater and salwater fishing.

Non-Resident fishing licenses

Non-residents wishing to fish in Texas must purchase a nonresident fishing license. A non-resident freshwater license costs $58, and a saltwater license costs $63. You can purchase an all-water license for $68 if you want to fish both in freshwater and saltwater.

Specialty fishing licenses

Texas offers specialty fishing licenses in addition to standard licenses. There are separate licenses for seniors, youths and people with disabilities. These specialty licenses are often cheaper than standard licenses.

Additional Fees

You should be aware that fishing in some areas of Texas may incur additional fees. If you plan to fish at a wildlife management area or state park, you may have to purchase a separate fishing permit. There are also fees for fishing in designated trout water or using certain types or tackle or bait.

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License Expiration

All fishing licenses are valid in Texas for one year after the date of purchase. You may want to purchase a license that is valid for the entire year if you plan to fish frequently throughout the year. This will save you money. You can also choose a short-term fishing license that is valid for only a certain number of days.

Where to Buy

You can buy a fishing permit in Texas online via the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website. You can also purchase a fishing license at a participating retailer such as a sporting good store or bait shop. When purchasing a fishing permit, be sure to have your ID and payment ready.


How much do fishing licenses cost in Texas? The cost of a Texas fishing license depends on whether you are a non-resident or a resident, and the type of license that you need. This guide will help you make an informed choice about the fishing license that is best for you. Enjoy your fishing!

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