Fishing Report for New Jersey

fishing report new jersey


New Jersey offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Anglers have a wide range of fishing opportunities, from freshwater lakes to bays with saltwater. Anglers can fish for striped basses, fluke, and bluefish along the 130-mile Atlantic coast of New Jersey. This fishing report for New Jersey will cover the current fishing conditions and techniques, as well as recommended locations for a great fishing trip.

Fishing Conditions

New Jersey’s fishing conditions are constantly changing. It is important to stay up-to-date with the weather and tide conditions. The state is currently experiencing warmer temperatures which means fish are moving into shallower water. This is particularly true for species like striped bass that are starting to migrate up the coastline.

Recommended Techniques

There are different techniques you can use to catch fish in New Jersey depending on what species you’re after. For striped bass, the most popular technique is to use live fish, such as herring or bunker, on a fishing finder rig. When fishing for fluke you can use bucktails jigs and a strip of squid, or a gulp lure. Poppers or metal lures can be used to target bluefish.


New Jersey has many great fishing spots, from freshwater bays to saltwater lakes. Here are some locations to try:

Cape May

Cape May, located at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, offers some of the best fishing for striped bass and fluke in the state. Cape May Rips is known for its large population of striped fish, and fluke are found around the wrecks and reefs.

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Barnegat Bay

Barnegat Bay offers a wide variety of species to fish, including striped basses, fluke, and bluefish. The bay is connected with the Atlantic Ocean and offers plenty of opportunities for saltwater fisheries. Barnegat Inlet is known for its large schools of striped Bass.

Delaware River

The Delaware River is a great place to fish in New Jersey. The river is home for a variety of species, such as smallmouth and largemouth basses, catfish and walleye. Fishing is possible on both the New Jersey side and Pennsylvania side of the river.


New Jersey offers a wide range of fishing opportunities. The state offers a variety of fishing opportunities, whether you’re looking for a saltwater or freshwater adventure. It’s always important to be informed about current fishing regulations and conditions. You can enjoy a successful fishing trip in New Jersey with the right techniques and location.

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