Get Your Fishing License in South Dakota Now: 5 Steps to Follow

fishing license south dakota

A fishing license is required if you want to fish in South Dakota. A valid license is required for anglers over 16 years old in South Dakota. This helps to reduce fishing pressures and improves the state’s fisheries. Find out more about this important requirement and how to get it.

What do I need to get a fishing license in South Dakota?

To legally fish in freshwater, an angler must be 16 years old or older. You can choose to purchase a 1-day or 3-day license, a 7-day or an annual license, depending on your needs. Here are the details required to obtain a fishing license.

  • Your address
  • Basic information about you, including your date of birth or age
  • Documentation proving residency
  • Method of payment

After your license has been approved you will receive a printed copy of the document along with your license number. Depending on the type and amount of fishing, there are tags that must be purchased separately. If you are fishing for trout, for example, you will need a tag for that.

Where can I get a South Dakota fishing license?

You can also get a fishing license in person at sporting goods stores, bait shops and state park offices if you are unable to apply online. South Dakota’s government offices can also issue licenses to anglers. Before you visit, make sure to read the guidelines as some stores might be temporarily closed because of the pandemic.

What is the cost of a South Dakota fishing license?

The cost of a South Dakota fishing license varies depending on its type and length. $35.50 is the total cost for an annual license that covers all game fish species and nongame fish. Residents pay $17.75 for half the fee while nonresidents pay full price. Below is a complete listing of South Dakota’s fishing license prices:

  • 1-Day license: resident – $6.50; nonresident, – $12.50
  • 3-Day license: resident – $12; nonresident, $21
  • 7-Day license: resident – $20; nonresident $32.50
  • Annual license: resident – $17.75; Nonresident – $35.50

What other fees are required in South Dakota?

Anglers will need to pay additional taxes and fees in addition to the fishing license fees. The trout tag fee is used by the authorities to reimburse state expenses for stocking the state’s waters. The fees also help to support conservation programs, administrative expenses, and habitat restoration projects.

List of other fees

  • Trout tag $7.50
  • Muskie conservation fee: $15
  • Penalty fee for exceeding the limit: $75
  • Fishing tournament fee: $50
  • Salmon enhancement fee: $3.50
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Are I under 16 years old and do I need a fishing license in South Dakota?

The state where you are fishing will determine the requirements for your license. You don’t have to purchase a license if you are under 16 and want to fish in South Dakota. Anglers under 16 years old are exempted from the requirement. Visitors and residents can enjoy the recreational activity at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about South Dakota Fishing Licenses

1. Is my fishing permit valid in all 50 states?

Yes, your South Dakota fishing permit is valid throughout the state. However, there may be some exceptions. You will need to get permission from the owner if you fish in a private pond, lease-access water, or other special areas.

2. Where can I find South Dakota fishing regulations?

All the required fishing regulations can be found on the official South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks site. These regulations are regularly updated to ensure that the information is accurate.

3. Where can I show my fishing license when I’m on the water?

Your fishing license should be visible on your fishing vessel’s exterior. Game wardens will be able to easily inspect your license without you having to produce a copy.

4. Do I need a fishing licence to fish in South Dakota’s tournaments?

To fish in tournaments, you will need a separate tournament license. This license is valid for the duration of the tournament, and it will allow you to fish in any South Dakota water body.

5. Can I get my fishing license back if I change my mind about it?

South Dakota fishing licenses are non-refundable. You can request a refund or exchange if your license was not purchased correctly or if you have experienced a delay in processing your application.

6. Can I buy a fishing licence online?

Yes, you can order a fishing licence online. You can apply online and choose from a variety of fishing licenses.

7. What should I do if I disagree about a game warden’s citation?

You can always plead not guilty to the game warden’s citation and request a hearing. If you plead guilty, however, you will be fined the amount stated in the citation. Once a decision has been made, it is irrevocable.

8. How long does a 3-day fishing permit last?

A 3-day South Dakota fishing license is valid for three consecutive day. This includes weekends and holidays. If you wish to continue fishing, you will need to renew your license.

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9. Can I purchase a fishing licence on behalf of someone else

Yes, you can purchase a fishing licence on behalf of another person as long as they have their personal information. The license will be issued to the person named on it.

10. Can I transfer my fishing license or extend it?

No, South Dakota fishing licenses cannot be transferred or extended. If you want to fish, you will need to apply to get a new license.

11. Is it possible to purchase a South Dakota fishing license for life?

Yes, South Dakota offers a variety of lifetime fishing licenses. These licenses allow a holder to fish without restrictions. You can find more information at the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks site.

12. How many days is it necessary to complete a fishing tournament

The tournament regulations will determine the number of days required to complete a fishing tournament. Tournaments generally have a time limit, so make sure you read the rules before entering the competition.

13. Do I need another fishing license if I catch my limit with a 1-day fishing licence?

A single fishing license for one day allows you to catch one-day’s worth of limit in the waters where you fish. If you want to continue fishing, you will need to buy a new license.

14. How early can I apply for a fishing permit in South Dakota?

The South Dakota fishing licenses become effective at 12:01 AM the day after you purchase them. You will need to wait until the time expires before you can fish, regardless of whether you bought it online or physically.

15. Can I fish at night?

Depending on the regulations in your area, you may fish at night. Before you fish at night, it is a good idea to check with the authorities.

16. Can I use my fishing licence in other states?

Fishing licenses can only be used in the state they were purchased. If you want to fish outside of South Dakota, you will need to purchase licenses from other states.

17. Are there any restrictions on what type of tackle I may use?

Depending on the type and species of fishing, you might need special bait or tackle. If you fish for trout, one artificial fly and one artificial lure are allowed. In certain waters, fishing with bait, multiple lures, or flies is prohibited.

18. Is it mandatory for every angler to have a trout tag in South Dakota?

Only the person fishing must have a tag for trout. The tag must be in the angler’s hand while they are fishing.

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19. Can I use my fishing licence online?

Yes, you can apply for a fishing license online. Simply submit the required information and pay the fee. Then, print the copy that was emailed.

20. How many days can I fish with my 1-day fishing permit?

A South Dakota fishing license for 1 day is only valid for one-day. If you want to continue fishing, you will need a 3-day, 7-day, or an annual license.

21. Is it legal to catch and keep fish in South Dakota for dinner?

Yes, you can catch and eat fish in South Dakota. It is important to remember that the state has its own rules and regulations. You will also need to inspect the areas where you fish to ensure that the species you are targeting is in season.

22. What kind of fish can I catch here in South Dakota?

The season and the location where you fish will determine the type of fish that you catch in South Dakota. Common species include walleyes, trout and pike, as well as perch, perch, pike, perch and catfish. You might find more exotic species if you fish in a stocked reservoir.

23. What kind of boats can you use to fish in South Dakota waters?

South Dakota permits anglers to fish their waters with watercraft powered by a motor of up to 10 horsepower. Kayaks, canoes and other motorless boats, are also permitted.

24. Can I give my South Dakota fishing license to another person?

You cannot transfer or lend your fishing licence to other anglers. This could lead to fines and other legal actions.

25. Is there any special regulation for ice fishing in South Dakota

South Dakota’s ice fishing regulations are the same as those for other waters. Depending on where they are ice fishing, anglers may need additional licenses and permits.

26. What should I do if my fishing licence is lost or stolen

You can request a replacement fishing license by contacting the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks if your fishing license has been stolen or lost. To get a duplicate license, you will need to provide the proper documentation and proof of payment.

27. Is it possible to fish in South Dakota without a fishing permit?

You cannot fish in South Dakota without a valid fishing licence. For legal fishing in South Dakota, anglers over 16 years old must have a valid license.

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