Fishing Utah License – Everything You Need to Know Before You Cast Your Line

fishing utah license

Utah is home to many anglers, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts who love fishing. Utah is home to some of the most beautiful fishing spots in the nation, thanks to its many streams, lakes, and rivers. Before you pack your gear and head to your favorite fishing spot, make sure you have a valid Utah fishing license.

This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about Utah fishing licenses. It will also show you how to get one, which types are available, how much they cost, and what rules and regulations to follow during your fishing trip.

How to get a Utah Fishing License

The process of obtaining a Utah fishing licence is simple and can be done through several ways. The state’s Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), is responsible for issuing fishing permits. You can order your fishing license online, at a license agent or by phone.

You can apply online for your Utah fishing licence by going to the DWR’s website and clicking on the “Buy a License” button. Select the fishing license option you want, fill in your personal information, and then pay the required fee using a credit or debit card.

If you prefer to purchase a Utah fishing licence through an agent, the DWR has designated agent locations throughout Utah. These include sporting goods stores and convenience stores as well as hardware stores. To find a licensed agent near you, you can use the interactive map of DWR.

You can also buy your Utah fishing licence by phone by calling DWR’s customer support line between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

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Types of Utah Fishing Licenses

Utah offers several types and types of fishing licenses to suit different anglers. These include:

  1. Resident Fishing Licence – This license is for Utah residents 12 years old and older.
  2. Non-Resident Fishing Licence – This license is available to non-residents of Utah.
  3. Combination License – This license allows Utah residents fish and hunt.
  4. First-Time Fishing License – This license is for new anglers who have not previously held a Utah fishing licence.
  5. Five-Day Fishing License – This license is for non-residents who plan to fish in Utah only for a brief period.
  6. Youth Fishing License – This license is for anglers between 12 and 13 years of age.
  7. Disabled Veteran Fishing Licence – This license is only for disabled veterans of United States Military.

Utah Fishing Licenses: Costs

The cost of Utah fishing licenses varies depending on the type and length of validity. Below is a breakdown of the costs for different types of Utah fishing licenses:

  1. Resident Fishing Licence – $34
  2. Non-resident Fishing Licence – $75
  3. Combination License – $53
  4. First-time fishing license – $5
  5. Five-Day Fishing Licence – $25
  6. Youth Fishing License – $5
  7. Disabled Veteran Fishing Licence – Free

Rules and Regulations for Utah Fishing

Utah has specific rules and regulations that must be followed when you fish in the state. These regulations are in place to protect the state’s wildlife and fish resources. These are the main rules and regulations that apply to fishing in Utah.

  1. Fishing Seasons – Utah regulates fishing according to the seasons. To find out the exact dates for each season, visit the Utah Fishing Guidebook at the DWR’s Website.
  2. Utah has possession limits to stop anglers overfishing. The limits are dependent on species, size, location, and other factors.
  3. Utah’s Catch and Release Program encourages anglers who don’t want to keep fish to release them.
  4. Permit Requirements: Some fishing areas in Utah may require additional permits.
  5. Fishing Methods – Utah has specific rules regarding the types of bait, hook sizes, and fishing equipment that are allowed.
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A valid Utah fishing license is required to fish in Utah. You can make unforgettable memories by fishing responsibly, obtaining the correct type of license, following the rules and regulations, and keeping Utah’s wildlife and fish resources healthy for future generations. Get your Utah fishing licence today and experience the thrill of casting your line into Utah’s beautiful waters.

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