Fishing in the Dark Lyrics: A Classic Tune That Celebrates Outdoorsmanship

fishing in the dark lyrics

If fishing is your passion, you may have heard the song “Fishing in the Dark”, which was first recorded in 1991 by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. This catchy tune celebrates the joys associated with being outdoors, casting a line, and waiting for the fish bite.

This article will explore the lyrics to “Fishing in the Dark” and the messages that make it so appealing to outdoor enthusiasts. We’ll also explore the history of the song and its impact on country music.

The Story Behind Fishing in Dark Lyrics

Fishing in the darkness is often cited as one of the most memorable songs in country music. The tune was written by Wendy Waldman, Jim Photoglo, and first recorded by The Whites back in 1987. The song reached the top of the charts four years later when it was covered by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

What is it that makes “Fishing in the Dark”, such a popular song? The song is about the simple pleasures found in being outdoors. The lyrics say, “We’ll fallin’ in love mid-night, just movin’ slow.”

Images of Fishing in Dark Lyrics

The song conjures up images of starry skies, quiet lakes, and warm summer evenings. It is a reminder that sometimes the best things in life can be the simplest. For many anglers fishing is the ultimate expression for this philosophy.

“Fishing in Dark” is not just a love song to the natural world. The lyrics also reflect the bonds of friendship that can be formed around outdoor activities such as fishing. The song ends with “We’ll be laughing, a-singin’ and a jivin’.”

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The Joy of Company in Fishing in Dark Lyrics

This sentiment rings true for anyone who has ever spent time fishing together. It’s a special experience to be out on the water with loved ones, sharing stories and laughing while you wait for the fish bite.

“Fishing in Dark” is ultimately a celebration of the joys and simple pleasures of life, as well as the importance of cherishing the people who make it all worthwhile.

Breaking down the lyrics

Let’s take a closer glance at “Fishing in Dark” and discover deeper meanings.

Verse 1

Tonight, the lazy yellow moon is shinin’ through the trees

Lightning bugs are flutterin’ in the breeze, and crickets are singing.

Baby, get ready…

The song opens with us being transported to a warm summer night, with the full moon shining its light over the trees. The tranquility and peace are enhanced by the sounds of crickets and lightning bugs. The lyrics hint at something special, and invite the listener “get ready” to embark on an adventure.


We’ll be smokin’ and hugging ‘…

Rollin’ in hay, hidey hole and fishin’ in the dark

The chorus starts and the focus shifts to the main theme of the song: the joy found in being outside, far from the hustle and bustle, as the chorus begins. The lyrics use colorful language and images to describe the feeling of being outdoors. Images include kissing, hugging and rolling in the hay. And of course, fishing in darkness.

The Sensuality and Nature of Fishing in the Dark Lyrics

These lyrics have a sensuality, almost as if being close to nature itself is a form romance. This is a common theme found in country music. Country music often celebrates small-town life and the simple joys found in everyday experiences.

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Verse 2

Catfish are jumping, the paddle wheel thumpin’

Black water continues to rollin’ past just like Old Man River

We get more information about fishing as we move into verse 2. The lyrics describe the sounds and sensations that you feel when you are out on the water with catfish jumping and paddle wheel thumping. The imagery is vivid with the black water rolling by like a great Mississippi.


You and I goin’ fishing in the dark

Lying on our backs, counting the stars

Cool grass grows down by the river, in full moon light

The bridge begins, and we return to the song’s central theme: the romance and sense that one can find in being outside in nature. The chorus continues with images of lying down on your back, counting stars, feeling cool grass growing beneath you, and being surrounded by the full moonlight. It’s a picture that evokes peace and contentment, a feeling of being one with the world around.

Verse 3

Slow down, don’t move too fast. You gotta make the mornin last

Just kickin’ the cobblestones and lookin’ for fun.

The lyrics shift to a more philosophical tone in the final verse. The lyrics “slow down, don’t move too fast” recall the Simon and Garfunkel classic “The 59th Street Bridge Song” (also known by “Feelin’ Groovy”). It is clear that we often rush through life, focusing on the next thing, rather than taking the time and savoring what’s around us.

Every moment of fishing in the dark lyrics should be treasured

We can find joy and fulfillment when we slow down and take the time to enjoy the moment. The song says that we should “just kickin’ down the cobblestones and lookin’ for fun and feeling groovy.”

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The Enduring Appeal to Fishing in the Dark Lyrics

Why is “Fishing in the Dark”, a country music classic, so popular? The song’s sense of community and shared experience may be the reason. The lyrics of this song speak to the universal desire to connect and find meaning, regardless of whether you are an avid angler or just a person who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Country Music in Fishing in the Dark Lyrics: The Best of Country Music

“Fishing in the Dark”, one of the most iconic songs in country music, showcases the best of country music: catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Conclusion: Fishing in the Dark Lyrics

“Fishing in the Dark” can be heard on the radio, or out on the water. It’s a song that celebrates the joys and wonders of being alive. It encourages us to slow down and appreciate the world around, as well as to cherish the people that make life worthwhile. Take a moment to listen to this song the next time you go fishing. Enjoy the beauty and magic outdoors.

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