Fishing Texas License – How to Get One and What You Need to Know Before You Go Fishing

fishing texas license

Fishing is a popular and fun activity in Texas. There are many opportunities to catch fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments. A valid fishing license is required to legally fish in Texas. This article will provide all the information you need about Texas fishing licenses, including how to obtain one, how to comply with Texas fishing regulations, as well as helpful tips for a successful fishing trip.

What is a Texas Fishing License and how do you get one?

A Texas fishing permit allows a person to legally fish in Texas waters. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) issues the license. This department is responsible for conserving and managing the state’s aquatic resources. The TPWD offers a variety of fishing licenses depending on the angler’s age, residency and length of the license.

Types of Texas Fishing Licenses

There are many types of Texas fishing permits available.

Resident Fishing Licence

Individuals who reside in Texas or have lived in Texas for at least six months can apply for a resident fishing license. This license can be purchased for a single day, a year, or multiple years.

Non-Resident Fishing Licence

Individuals who don’t live in Texas can apply for a non-resident fishing licence. This license can be purchased for a single day, a year, or multiple years.

Senior Fishing Licence

Senior fishing licenses are available to those who have lived in Texas for six months or more and are 65 years old or older. This license can either be purchased for a single year or multiple years.

Youth Fishing License

Individuals 16 years old or younger can apply for a youth fishing license. This license is valid for one year.

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Disability Fishing License

Individuals with a qualifying disability can apply for a disability fishing license. This license can either be purchased for a single year or for multiple years.

All-Water Fishing Package

The all-water package is a combination freshwater and saltwater fishing licences. This license can be purchased for either one or multiple years by residents and non-residents.

How to get a Texas fishing license?

It is easy to obtain a Texas fishing licence. You can apply online, by phone, in person, or at a TPWD office. These are the steps:


Visit the TPWD website to purchase a Texas fishing licence online. Click on the “Buy Licenses” button.

By phone

You can also order a Texas fishing licence by phone by dialing 1-800-895-4248

In Person

You can also visit a TPWD office to obtain your license. The TPWD website has a list listing all licensed sales agents.

What do you need to get a Texas fishing license?

You will need basic information such as your name and address. You will also need information about the type of license and the length of the license. The type and length of the license you choose will determine the fee.

Texas Fishing Regulations

To avoid fines and penalties, you must follow the state’s fishing regulations once you have obtained your Texas fishing license. These are the most important regulations to be aware of:

Limits and seasons for fishing

Each species of fish has its own fishing season and limits as set by the TPWD. The regulations for each species can be found on the TPWD website as well as in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual.

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Size and Creel Limits

The creel and size limits are the maximum number of fish you may keep and the maximum size of the fish that you can keep. These limits can vary depending on species and location. You should check the regulations for where you plan to fish.

Restrictions on Bait and Tackle

The TPWD has specific rules about the use of baits and tackle. It is illegal to use live bait imported into some waterways, or to use multiple hooks on one line.

Other Regulations

Other regulations you must comply with include boating and transportation restrictions, tag and reporting requirements, littering and pollution prohibitions, and boating and transport restrictions.

Here are some useful tips for a successful Texas fishing trip

Here are some tips to help you have a successful fishing trip.

Know Your Fishing Spot

Do your research before you go fishing. Find out which species of fish are available in your area, when is the best time to fish, and what baits and lures you should use.

Pay attention to the weather

Fish behavior and fishing experience can be affected by the weather. Before you go, make sure to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

Get the Right Gear

You will need all the fishing gear you need, including rods, reels and lines, baits and lures, as well as all the necessary fishing equipment. You should also bring a fishing net, pliers and a first aid kit.

Keep Safe in the Water

When boating or wading, always wear a life jacket. Avoid dangerous or prohibited areas, and be aware of other anglers.

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Respect the Environment

You should leave the fishing spot cleaner than you found it. Do not litter the area or disturb wildlife.


Anyone who wishes to legally fish in Texas must have a Texas fishing license. You can enjoy a safe and enjoyable fishing trip to Texas by getting the correct license and following the fishing regulations.

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