Fishing License Massachusetts: All You Need to Know

fishing license massachusetts

A fishing license is a must if you want to fish in Massachusetts. This license allows you to fish in all waters of Massachusetts and is required for all anglers over 15. This guide will provide all the information you need about Massachusetts fishing licenses.

Why do you need a Massachusetts fishing license?

Massachusetts requires a fishing license to protect fish populations and ensure a healthy, sustainable environment for all aquatic species. Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife can also regulate the fishing industry and prevent overfishing with fishing licenses.

Who needs a Massachusetts fishing license?

A fishing license is required for anyone over 15 who wishes to fish in Massachusetts. Anglers must keep their licenses with them when fishing. Licenses must be renewed each year. A license may be purchased by parents or guardians for minor children.

How to get a Massachusetts fishing license?

You can apply online for a Massachusetts fishing license or visit one of the licensed agents in the state. The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game issues fishing licences and offers the following types of licenses.

  • Resident freshwater fishing licence
  • Saltwater fishing license for residents
  • Non-resident freshwater fishing licence
  • Non-resident saltwater fishing licence

Massachusetts Fishing License Fees

The cost of a Massachusetts fishing license can vary depending on whether an angler is a Massachusetts resident or not. Here are the current Massachusetts fishing license fees:

  • Resident freshwater fishing licence: $27.50
  • Saltwater fishing license for residents: $10
  • Non-resident freshwater fishing licence: $37.50
  • Non-resident saltwater fishing licence: $10

When do I need to renew my fishing license?

Massachusetts fishing licenses expire on December 31st and are renewed each year. To avoid any interruptions to their fishing plans, anglers are encouraged renew their licenses early.

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Are there any exemptions to Massachusetts’ fishing license requirements?

Massachusetts has several exemptions from the requirements for fishing licenses. Residents of Massachusetts who are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces are exempted from purchasing a license. Massachusetts residents 70 years old or older may also be exempted from the need to purchase a license.


All fishermen over 15 years old must have a Massachusetts fishing license. The license is used to manage and regulate fish populations in Massachusetts and promote a healthy and sustainable environment. The process of obtaining a license to fish in Massachusetts is easy and inexpensive. Once you have it, you can begin fishing in any Massachusetts waters.

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