Fishing Guide FFXIV: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Catching the Big One

fishing guide ffxiv

Final Fantasy XIV’s most popular pastime is fishing. It requires patience, a keen eye and a little knowledge. This fishing guide FFXIV will help you, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert angler. This guide will cover everything you need to know about fishing spots, bait types, and strategies to catch the largest fish in Eorzea.

What is fishing in FFXIV?

Fishing is a gathering profession that allows players to catch fish in different bodies of water in Eorzea. These fish can be used for cooking or sold for gil (FFXIV currency). You might be able to catch a rare fish that you can use for crafting or other purposes if you’re lucky.

How to Fish in FFXIV

You will need a fishing rod to begin fishing in FFXIV. If you have the materials, you can either buy one from a local vendor or make your own. Once you have your fishing rod, you will need to equip it before you can head to a body or water. Any body of water with a fishing icon on it can be fished.

Fishing rods

There are a variety of fishing rods available in FFXIV. Each has its own requirements and stats. The Hempen Fishing Rod is the basic fishing rod. It can be purchased at any vendor for a small amount. As you advance in the game you can upgrade to better rods that have higher stats such as the Carbon Fishing Rod and the Composite Fishing Rod.

Bait and lure

You will need bait or lures to catch fish in FFXIV. There are many types of lures and baits that you can use to catch fish in FFXIV. Each one is suitable for different types of fish and water conditions. Common baits include maggots and worms. Lures include poppers, fly lures and spinning lures.

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Fishing Log

The Fishing Log in FFXIV is a useful tool that allows you to track your progress and find new fishing spots. The Fishing Log can be accessed from your main menu. From there, you can select the fishing hole and region that you wish to fish in. Each fishing hole has a specific set of fish that you can catch, and you will receive a bonus reward if you catch all of them.

Best Fishing Spots in the FFXIV

Each region of FFXIV has its unique set of fishing spots. Some are better than others for catching specific types of fish. These are the top fishing spots in the game.

Lake Tahtotl

Lake Tahtotl, located in the East Shroud, is one of the best places to catch Bladed Steel Jigs. This fish is highly prized by craftsmen and can be sold for a high price.


Twinpools, located in Upper La Noscea, is a great place to catch Silver Sovereigns. These fish can be used in many crafting recipes and sold for a lot of gil.

Sorrel Haven

Sorrel Haven, located in the Central Shroud, is a great spot to catch Cherry Trout. These fish can be used in cooking recipes and sold for a good amount of gil.

Tips and Strategies for Fishing

Now that you have an understanding of the basics of fishing in FFXIV let’s talk about some strategies and tips that can help you catch more fish.

Patience is key

You need patience to fish in FFXIV. Wait for the fish to bite, then reel it in slowly without letting the line snap. It’s okay to not catch anything immediately.

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Use the Right Bait

It is important to use the right bait when catching fish in FFXIV. You should check your Fishing Log to find out which baits are best for the fish you are trying to catch. Make sure you have plenty of bait on hand.

Check the Weather

The weather can have an impact on the types of fish that can be caught in FFXIV. Rain can make certain fish more active, making them easier to catch. To find the best conditions for the fish you are looking to catch, check the in-game weather forecast.

Try different times of the day

Some fish are only active at certain times of the day. Some fish will only bite at night, while others may only bite in the morning. Try different times of the day to find the best time for the fish you are after.

Improve Your Fishing Rod

As you progress through the game, upgrade your fishing rod to have higher stats. This will allow you to catch rarer and larger fish.

Make Your Own Bait

You can make your own bait in FFXIV with materials you find while fishing or other gathering professions. This is a cost-effective method to catch certain species of fish.

Final Thoughts: Fishing in FFXIV

Fishing in FFXIV can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend your time, as well as a lucrative way of earning gil. You can catch the rarest and largest fish in Eorzea if you follow the tips and strategies provided in this guide.

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