Fishing for Catfish in the UK: Tips and Techniques for an Exciting Catch

fishing for catfish uk

Many anglers in the UK enjoy fishing for catfish to experience the thrill of catching this elusive freshwater resident. Catfish can be found in many habitats from small rivers to large reservoirs. This makes it a diverse and exciting sport. This article will provide a detailed guide to fishing for cats in the UK. It will include tips, techniques and equipment needed to catch these amazing fish.

Catfish Types in the UK

Three species of catfish are found in the UK, including the Wels Catfish, Silurus Glanis, and Black bullhead. The Wels Catfish is native to Eastern Europe, Western Asia and the UK. It was introduced in the 19th Century and can be found in many rivers and lakes in the UK. Silurus Glanis, commonly known as the European Catfish, is now widely distributed in the UK. It was introduced to the River Ebro, Spain, in the 1970s. Black bullhead is a smaller species that was introduced from North America. It can now be found in many waters throughout the UK.

Catfishing Equipment Required

Catfish fishing requires special equipment because of their size and strength. Catfish can weigh as much as 200 pounds, so you need a durable and robust rod and reel. Use a heavy braided fishing line to tackle the weight of catfish. A landing net of high quality is also important to help you safely retrieve your fish after you have caught it.

Bait for Catfish

Catfish are attracted to baits with strong smells such as shrimp, bloodworms, squid and minnows. They also prefer live baits such as worms and minnows. Catfish also prefer larger fish such as mackerel and herring. Combining any of these baits increases your chances of catching a catfish in the UK.

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Catfish fishing techniques

Catfish are bottom feeders and require specialised techniques to catch them. You can plant your bait in the exact location you desire by using a variety rigs. A weighted rig allows you to drop your bait to the bottom where catfish usually reside. A drifting rig allows you to drag your bait across the bottom which can attract catfish.

Where to Find Catfish

It is important to know where to find catfish in rivers or lakes if you want to have a successful fishing trip. They usually live in deep, oxygen rich holes near structures, such as sunken rocks, trees or weeds where they can safely hunt. During their feeding times, such as night or early morning, they can be found in shallow, fast water. When fishing for catfish you can benefit from using a depth-finder. It will help you identify where they are gathered, making it easier to target them.


Many anglers in the UK enjoy fishing for catfish because it is both exciting and challenging. You can increase your chances of catching this robust creature by following these tips and using the right gear, whether you are an experienced angler or novice. Use strong, odorous bait, use special fishing rigging and know where to locate catfish to make your UK catfish fishing experience a successful one.

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