Fall River Fly Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide

fall river fly fishing

Fall River, California is one of America’s most popular fly fishing destinations. The Fall River, with its crystal-clear waters and diverse fish population is a fly fishing paradise. This guide will cover all you need to learn about Fall River fly fishing.

Why is Fall River a great destination for fly fishing in the United States?

Fall River is a spring fed river that originates in the underground aquifers beneath Mt. Shasta in California. The river flows over 25 miles before joining the Tule River. This river is known for its crystal clear water, which makes it ideal for sight-fishing. Fall River is home of a variety aquatic insects that provide a lot of food for fish. The cold water temperature of the river (45-55degF), combined with its excellent water quality, creates a favorable environment. Fall River is an all-year-round fishing spot, so fly fishermen can fish there throughout the year.

Fall River is home to a variety of fish species

Fall River is home of a variety fish species. The most popular are the rainbow trout and the brown trout. These trout grow to impressive size in the river. Fall River is also home to other species, including the native red-banded rainbow trout and smallmouth bass. Fall River is a great destination for fly fishing experts, but it’s also a good place for beginners to improve their skills.

Best Seasons to Fly Fish Fall River

Fall River is open all year round, so you can fish at any time. Fly fishing is best done between late April and November. The river’s insect hatches will be prolific during this period. The summer hatches are a great way to test your fly-fishing skills. Spring and fall are the best times for experienced anglers to hunt bigger and healthier trout. Fish migrate to deep waters of rivers during these seasons after high-elevation streams have frozen.

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Fly Fishing Techniques in Fall River

Fly fishing in Fall River is an unforgettable experience. By matching the hatch you can sight-fish for fish that are feeding on insects. Dry fly fishing is a great technique for the river. Anglers prefer to use lighter tackle, smaller flies and smaller lures. When fishing, a delicate presentation is essential. Nymphing, a popular technique, is used. You can use patterns like the hare’s ears nymph and the pheasanttail nymph. Streamer fishing can be used to target larger predatory fish.

How to Get There

Fall River is located about 7 miles away from McArthur in California. Redding Municipal Airport is located about 50 miles from McArthur. To reach this destination, you will need to rent a vehicle or hire a taxi. There are several ways to enter the river. These include the Fall River Mills Bridge, the Pit River Bridge, and the Cassel Bridge.


Visitors who choose to fly fish in Fall River can choose from a variety of accommodations. Cabins, lodges and hotels are located near the river. The Fall River Lodge, Clearwater Lodge and Burney Falls Lodge are among them. Campers can also camp in the Fall River campground located at the southern end of the river.

Fall River Fly Fishing Tips

Here are some tips for making your fall river fly-fishing experience more productive and fun:

  1. Select the right equipment – Choose your gear based on the type of fish you are targeting and the method that you will use. A four-weight fly rod is perfect for dry fly and nymphing fishing, while a 6-weight rod is best for streamer fishing.
  2. Dress appropriately. Even in summer, the temperature on the river can be cold. To stay comfortable when fly fishing, it is best to dress in layers.
  3. Prepare for the hatch – Research the insects in the river, and carry a variety flies that mimic them. As the water is very clear, fish will not accept patterns that are unnatural.
  4. Fly fishing at Fall River requires you to be alert and vigilant. Pay attention to all details and stay focused.
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Fall River is the premier fly fishing destination and a must visit for fly fishing enthusiasts. Fly fishing is a great experience in Fall River, with its crystal clear water, year-round fishery, and diverse population of fish. The Fall River offers fly fishermen a dream with its beautiful scenery and abundance of fishing opportunities. After reading this guide, you can pack your gear and head to the river. Tight lines!

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