Courtesy Visit Tarkov

courtesy visit tarkov

In the world of Tarkov, it is important to gain a reputation for being a respectful and courteous visitor. Tarkov is notoriously dangerous and unforgiving, with hostile factions and ruthless thieves. Showing courtesy to other players can go a very long way towards establishing positive relationships and turning enemies into friends.

Tarkov’s Courtesy: A Must-Have in Tarkov

Tarkov encourages courtesy not just for politeness but for survival. Only relying on aggression and hostility will lead to constant conflict and isolation. By being courteous, you will be seen as a player who is reasonable and seeks to cooperate and work with others. This will increase your chances of successfully navigating Tarkov’s treacherous streets and forming alliances.

Courtesy & Communication

Effective communication is a vital part of Tarkov’s courtesy. Communication is essential for coordinating movements, organizing strategy, and establishing a sense of trust. By communicating clearly and concisely, you can effectively communicate your intentions, share important information, and collaborate with other players.

Respecting Boundaries

Respect the boundaries of other players when engaging in courtesy visitations in Tarkov. Invading another player’s territory or trespassing on their property without permission can quickly escalate to hostility and conflict. Always ask permission before entering another person’s territory or using their resources.

Tips for a Successful Courtesy visit in Tarkov

1. Plan Ahead

Plan your trip carefully before you embark on a courtesy call. Identify the player that you want to visit, the location of the player, and any potential risks on the way. A solid plan will reduce the risk of getting lost or running into unexpected obstacles.

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2. Prepare Diplomatic Items

Consider bringing diplomatic items to your visit as a gesture. You can bring medical supplies, food or rare items. Or, you can offer valuable information that you have gathered. Such items can be used to establish trust and increase the likelihood of a successful encounter.

3. Approach with Caution

Arriving at the location, be cautious and on your guard. Even though you may want to engage in peaceful conversation, not everyone may feel the same way. By remaining vigilant, you will be able to protect yourself from any hostile actions that other players may take.

4. Display Friendly Emotes

In Tarkov, the nonverbal language plays an important role. Use friendly emotes as a way to show your peaceful intentions. You can use gestures like nodding or waving to break the ice and express your desire for a peaceful interaction.

5. Communication is key

When engaging in conversation, make sure your messages are clear. Avoid using aggressive, threatening language which could be misinterpreted and cause a negative reaction. Diplomatic dialogue creates a positive environment and opens the doors to better cooperation.

6. Listen Actively

A courtesy call is an opportunity to understand and listen to the concerns and aspirations of other players. Actively listen, acknowledge and respond thoughtfully to their perspective. You will show respect and lay the foundation for a fruitful collaboration.

7. Offer Assistance

Offer your assistance if you see any areas that you can help with. This could include sharing vital information on nearby threats, offering medical aid, or even providing backup during dangerous encounters. Kind gestures are often reciprocated when the situation arises.

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8. Leave Peacefully

The conclusion of the courtesy visit is just as important as the initial approach. Peacefully departing demonstrates your commitment towards non-violence, and reinforces goodwill. You should leave on a positive and grateful note. This will help to solidify the possibility of future friendly encounters.

9. Follow-up and maintain relations

It is not enough to build a strong alliance once. Follow up on the players that you met to maintain the relationship and foster the bond of trust. Continue to communicate, collaborate and offer assistance as needed. The stronger your relationships become, the more reliable and helpful that you are.

Benefits of a Courtesy visit in Tarkov

There are many benefits to engaging in courtesy visits. These benefits go beyond immediate cooperation, and can have a significant impact on your gaming experience. Among the notable benefits are:

1. Situational awareness enhanced

By visiting players, you can gain valuable information and intel. These insights will help you to better understand the game, uncover hidden secrets, and increase your situational awareness in Tarkov.

2. Increased Trading Opportunities

A successful courtesy call can lead to mutually beneficial trading opportunities. By establishing friendly relationships, you can negotiate favorable deals and acquire essential resources or items that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

3. Safety Extraction Points

By building alliances, you can increase the likelihood of a safer extraction point. If you are in a desperate situation or distress, cooperative players can come to your rescue, ensuring that the extraction is more secure and reducing risk of losing valuable loot.

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4. Forming Raiding Parties

Courtesy visits are a great way to start a raiding party and tackle more difficult challenges together. Players who work together can pool their skills and resources, increasing the likelihood of a successful raid and obtaining substantial rewards.


A courtesy visit is more than a polite gesture in Tarkov – it’s a strategic choice that can determine your gameplay experience, and whether you survive. By demonstrating courtesy, respecting boundaries and communicating effectively, you can position yourself as an important player in the treacherous Tarkov world. Remember that the relationships you form today can be crucial in your future endeavors. Courtesy visits are an important part of your Tarkov adventure.

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