Bass River Boat Rentals

bass river boat rentals
Are you looking for a relaxing, fun experience on the waters? Bass River boat rental is the best option. Bass River boat rentals are available in South Yarmouth Massachusetts. This is a great location for fishing, scenic trips, and boating.

Boat Selection

We offer a variety of boats for rent at Bass River Boat Rentals. These include Boston Whalers, kayaks and paddleboards. Our boats are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that you will be comfortable and safe on the water.

Rental Packages

We know that everyone has different boating requirements, whether it is a family outing or a romantic date. We offer a range of rental packages that are tailored to your needs. You can rent a vessel for a few minutes, a day or even a whole week.


Bass River is a great place to spend a day if you are a fishing enthusiast. Our boats come equipped with fishing equipment and accessories to help you catch your next big fish. The river is home to many fish species, including bluefish, striped bass, and bass.

Scenic Trips

A leisurely trip along the river is ideal for those who want to enjoy the scenery. The river is surrounded with lush greenery, wildlife, such as birds, foxes and deer. Historic landmarks such as the Wilbur Park Stone Arch Bridge or the Bass River Light are also worth a visit.


Bass River boat rental places safety as a top priority. Before their trip, we provide our customers with safety equipment and life jackets. We also give them a detailed briefing about boating safety. Our team can also answer any questions or help you plan your trip.

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Local Restaurants and Bars

No trip to the Bass River is complete without a visit to one of the local bars and restaurants. Bass River is a great destination for a weekend or day trip, with plenty of options for dockside entertainment and dining.


Bass River boat rental is the perfect choice for those looking for a relaxing and fun adventure on the water. We have a variety of boats and a beautiful river to make your trip memorable. Let us help you create lasting memories by booking your rental today.

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