Fishing Charters in Maui: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Fishing Experience

fishing charters in maui

The second-largest Hawaiian Island, Maui, is a popular fishing destination. It is easy to see why Maui fishing charters are a popular choice for tourists and locals alike. Maui offers an unparalleled fishing experience, no matter if you’re a seasoned or novice angler. We will walk you through the basics of fishing charters in Maui, and show you where to cast your line.

The Best Time to Fish in Maui

Before you book a charter fishing trip to Maui, it is important that you know the best times to fish there. The best months to fish in Maui are May through September when the waters are warm, and the fish are plentiful. Depending on the species, the best time to fish can vary. If you’re looking to catch yellowfin tuna then the best time to fish is from July to October, as that is when they are at their most active. If you want to catch marlin, however, the best time would be from December to February.

The Types of Fishing Charters Available in Maui

There are many types of fishing charters available in Maui that cater to different types and types of anglers. These are the most popular types of fishing charters:

Bottom Fishing Charters

A bottom fishing charter is ideal for people who want to catch small fish species like snappers and groupers. These charters anchor the boat on top of a reef or structure, and drop a baited line to the bottom.

Offshore Fishing Charters

For those who want to catch larger game fish such as tuna or marlin, an offshore charter is the best option. These charters can take you many miles offshore to the best deep-sea fishing spots.

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Sport Fishing Charters

Sportfishing charters are ideal for those who want the opportunity to challenge some of the most powerful game fish in the ocean. These charters provide a variety fishing techniques such as trolling, casting, and live-bait fishing.

The Best Places to Fish on Maui

There are many fishing spots in Maui, each offering a different fishing experience. These are the top places to fish in Maui


Lahaina is a popular spot for fishing charters on Maui due to its calm waters, abundant marine life, and easy access. It is well-known for its yellowfin tuna, striped marlin and mahi-mahi.


Kahului, located on Maui’s north coast, is home to some the best bottom fishing charters in the area. It is well-known for its snappers and groupers as well as its jacks.


Kihei, located on Maui’s south coast, is home to some the best offshore fishing charters. It is well-known for its marlin, tuna and wahoo.

What to Expect on a Maui Fishing Charter

You can enjoy a unique fishing charter in Maui. However, there are some things that you should know before you go. Here are some things to expect on a Maui fishing charter:

The boat:

Fishing charters on Maui come in a variety of sizes. Small boats are great for small groups, while large boats are perfect for larger groups.

The captain and his crew:

An experienced captain and crew will manage your fishing charter. They are familiar with the Maui fishing grounds. They are familiar with the best baits and where to find fish and have basic first aid training.

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The equipment:

Fishing charters on Maui often come with high-quality fishing equipment, such as rods, reels and bait. If you prefer, you can bring your own equipment.

How to Choose the Right Fishing Charter on Maui

It can be difficult to choose the right Maui fishing charter, especially if you are a novice. These are some tips to help choose the right fishing charter.


To find the best Maui fishing charters that meet your needs, do some research online and read reviews.


When choosing a fishing charter, consider your budget. Prices will vary depending on the type and length of the charter and the type or fish that you are targeting.

Captain and Crew

A fishing charter with an experienced captain and crew that is familiar with the Maui fishing grounds should be chosen.


A fishing charter should provide high-quality fishing gear suitable for the species of fish you are trying to catch.

Book Your Maui Fishing Charter

Once you have found the perfect fishing charter, it is time for you to book your trip. You should book your Maui fishing charter well in advance. This is especially important during peak season, when charters fill up quickly. You can book your fishing charter directly through the company’s website or through a travel agent.

Final Thoughts

Maui fishing charters are an unforgettable experience you shouldn’t miss. Maui is a paradise for anglers, with a wide range of fishing grounds and charters available. Book your Maui fishing charter today to experience the thrill of catching some the most sought-after gamefish in the world.

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