5 Expert Tips for Virginia Beach Pier Fishing!

virginia beach pier fishing

Virginia Beach is a great place to pier fish. The beach is located along the Atlantic coast and offers miles of sandy beaches as well as some of the best fishing spots in the country. Virginia Beach offers something for everyone, from big game to smallmouth bass. This article will help you learn everything you need to know about Virginia Beach pier fishing.

About Virginia Beach Pier Fishing

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is located at 16th Street, Virginia Beach. This is where you can go pier fishing in Virginia Beach. The pier can accommodate up 10 fishermen at a time and is open all year. The $6.00 entrance fee covers the pier. The pier can be used to fish for a variety species including bluefish, croaker and sea bass.

Anglers can fish from the pier at night because it is lit. You will need a Virginia Beach recreational fishing license to fish from the pier. This permit can be purchased online at the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries site. If you plan to use a rod or reel, you will need a recreational fishing permit. The regulations for pier fishing in Virginia Beach can be followed easily.

Equipment and bait for Pier Fishing in Virginia Beach

Anglers who want to pier fish in Virginia Beach will need a rod, reel combination, and several types bait. The most popular baits include shrimp, squid and bloodworms. There are several tackle shops that sell live bait in the area. The pier in Virginia Beach can be used to catch fish such as spot, croaker and occasional flounder. Use the right bait for the species that is eating in the area to maximize your chances of success.

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Spinning reels are a common tool for pier fishing. Make sure to bring plenty of line and a few spinning reels. Bottom fishing is best done with spinning reels. The type of fish you are targeting will determine the type of rod you need. For larger fish, heavier rods work better. Lighter rods work best for smaller species. A bucket, a net and other basic fishing-related equipment are essential.

Tips for Pier Fishing in Virginia Beach

Anglers can catch many species by pier fishing in Virginia Beach. Even novice anglers can succeed. These are some tips to help you get maximum enjoyment from your trip.

  • Fish in the early morning and late evening when they are actively feeding.
  • You can bring a variety of natural bait. For best results, bait fish with shrimp, bloodworms, or squid.
  • Bottom fishing requires that you wait until the sinker reaches the bottom before you attempt to retrieve it.
  • It can take fish several seconds to strike, so be patient.
  • You can look for signs of fish activity like birds, jumping fish, or fins breaking the surface.
  • Casting is a time to be precise with your line.
  • Any fish that is too small to be released.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virginia Beach Pier Fishing

  1. Do you need a license for fishing in Virginia Beach?Yes. A Virginia Beach recreational fishing permit and a recreational fishing licence are required if you plan to use a rod or reel. Both permits can be obtained at the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries site.
  2. What equipment do I need to pier fish?

    A rod and reel combination, natural bait, and some spinning reels are all necessary. A bucket, a net and other fishing-related items should be included. The type of fish you are targeting will determine the type of rod you should bring.
  3. How much does fishing from the Virginia Beach Pier cost?

    $6.00 is the entrance fee to the pier. A Virginia Beach recreational fishing permit must be purchased. If you are using a rod or reel, a recreational fishing licence must also be purchased.
  4. What kinds of fish can you catch from the pier?

    The Virginia Beach Pier is home to a variety species, including bluefish and croaker, spot, sea bass, spot, and occasional flounder.
  5. When is best to fish from the Pier?

    For pier fishing in Virginia Beach, the best times are usually the early morning and late night hours. This is because most species are at their peak feeding time.
  6. Can I keep small fish?

    No. It is against the law to keep fish that are too small.
  7. Can I fly fish off the pier?

    Yes. Fly fishing is allowed from the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. However, a standard rod-and-reel combo is recommended.
  8. Do you need to bring your own bait?

    Yes. Yes. However, live bait can be purchased at local tackle shops. You will still need to bring your rods and reels as well as any other fishing-related items.
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Virginia Beach’s pier fishing is a popular pastime that can be both enjoyable and rewarding. Even though it can seem daunting for novice anglers, even experienced fishermen can enjoy a successful day of fishing with the right preparations and patience.

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