Soque River Fly Fishing: An Angler’s Dream

soque river fly fishing

The Soque River, north Georgia is one of the most popular fly fishing spots in the Southeast. The Soque River, a meandering spring-fed river, is considered one of the best trout streams in Georgia. It is home to some the most rare and large trophy trout in the region.

Fishing on the Soque River

Fly fishing on the Soque River is available to anglers of all levels. The river is well-known for its cold, clear water, which is ideal for trout fishing. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and lush vegetation, making it a great spot for anyone looking to get away from the hustle of life and spend some time on the water.

Fly fishing trips on the Soque River can be arranged by a number of guides and fishing lodges. These experts are familiar with the river and can help you locate the best spots to catch fish. They are also familiarized with the various hatches that take place throughout the year, and can help you select the right fly depending on the river conditions.

Trophy Trout in the Soque

The Soque River is unique because of its size. The Soque River is home to some the largest brown and rainbow trout in Georgia. Some can reach 30 inches or more. Each year, the river is stocked with an average of 20,000 fish. However, many of these fish grow rapidly and become trophy-sized fish in just a few years.

The Soque River is a catch and release river. All fish must be returned to their natural habitat. This conservation policy ensures that the river continues to be a healthy and thriving ecosystem for future generations.

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Seasons on the Soque River

Fly fishing is possible on the Soque River all year, with different hatches taking place at different times. The best season for fly fishing on the river is spring and fall, when temperatures are mild and fish are active. Although summer can be hot, there are still great fishing opportunities in the early mornings and evenings.

Winter on the Soque can prove difficult due to the reduced hatches and cold water. It can still be a great time for trophy trout fishing, as the fish are more active in winter.

Fly Fishing Gear and Techniques

Fly fishing on the Soque River is a difficult sport that requires special gear and techniques. A floating line and a fly rod of five to six pounds, eight to nine feet in length, is ideal for most fishing situations. Leaders should be tapered to 5X-6X and approximately nine feet long.

The best fly patterns for Soque River depend on the season and hatches. The river is home to many blue-winged olives (and caddisflies) in the spring. In the summer, terrestrials like ants and beetles can be found in abundance. The river is home to many mayflies, including Blue Winged Olives, small green caddis and small green caddis in the fall. Streamers are effective in catching trophy-sized fish.

Where to Stay on The Soque River

Many lodges and cabins are located near the Soque River, which make a great spot to stay while you fly fish. These are some of the most popular options:

  • Habersham Mills A historic mill has been transformed into a luxury inn with 30 rooms on the banks the Soque River.
  • Blackhawk Fly Fishing lodge – This rustic lodge is located on a private section of the Soque River and offers guided fly fishing trips
  • Wildcat Lodge is a secluded cabin on a 200-acre private preserve that includes more than a mile stretch of the Soque River
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Other Activities in the Region

There are many other activities to be enjoyed in the area if you’re not fly-fishing on the Soque River. Clarkesville, a nearby town, has a charming downtown filled with great restaurants and shops. The area is known for its scenic drives and hiking trails, making it a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts.


The Soque River is a great place to fly fish in the Southeast, whether you are a seasoned angler, or just starting out. The Soque River offers a unique fishing experience with its stunning scenery, trophy trout and knowledgeable guides. Book your trip today to enjoy fly fishing at its best!

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