Valheim Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide to Catching Fish in Valheim!

valheim fishing

Are you interested in fishing in Valheim? You’ve come to a good place if you are interested in fishing in Valheim. Fishing is essential to a Viking’s survival as he explores new lands, endures harsh climates and survives. Fishing is a fun activity in Valheim that provides food and allows you to catch rare species of fish that are sold at a high price. This guide will tell you everything you need about fishing in Valheim. From the equipment needed to the best places to catch fish.

The Fishing Equipment

Let’s first discuss the necessary equipment. You will need to craft a Fishing Rod using three Elder Bark, 2 Bronze and 1 Leather Scrap. Then, you will need bait for the fish. This can be obtained by crafting or buying from vendors. Worms and insects are the most common baits for catching fish in Valheim.

The Fishing Mechanics

To begin fishing, grab your fishing rod and bait. Then, stand near a body or water. Find a calm area with visible fish ripples. Click your fishing rod and then right-click to cast your lure into the water. You must watch the float bob up and down to see if a fish has eaten the bait. Once the float is underwater, click and hold the left mouse button to begin pulling in the fish. You must maintain tension on the line to ensure success. To do this, balance the force of the fishing reel with the force from the fish. Click the left mouse button repeatedly to control the tension and reel in the fish.

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The Best Fishing Spots:

Valheim is home to many water bodies that are full of different types of fish. Here are some of Valheim’s best fishing spots for you to discover:


The rivers are a great place to catch fish. Look for a place where the water is moving and the current is swerving. The faster-moving spots are better for smaller fish. You can catch Salmon Trout and Eel.


Ponds are an excellent place to start for those who want to catch fish. Ponds are usually located in forests or meadows and are ideal for beginners. Perch, Pike and Roach are some of the fish that you can catch in ponds.


The ocean is a great place to go if you want to catch rare and exotic species of fish. Some of Valheim’s most valuable fish are found in the open sea, including Halibut, Herring and Lingcod. It is important to be careful as the sea can be dangerous and tumultuous.


The lakes are among the best fishing spots around Valheim. Lakes are peaceful and serene, perfect for relaxing as you wait for the fish bite. You can catch Bass, Carp and Catfish in lakes.

Valheim Fishing Tips:

Here are some essential tips for catching fish in Valheim.

Patience is the Key:

Valheim fishing requires a great deal of patience. You may have to wait for several minutes or even hours before the fish will take your bait. If you get frustrated, take a short break and return later.

Experimentation with different baits

Valheim’s fish respond differently to different types of lures. Try out different baits and see which one you prefer to use for the fish type you want to catch.

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Use temporary fishing shelters:

You can build temporary shelters to store your fishing equipment and catch near the fishing spots. These shelters can also be used to take a break from the rain or sun while fishing in Valheim.

Upgrade Your Fishing Rod

As you progress through Valheim, you will be able to upgrade your fishing rod in order to increase your chances of catching rare species. The Fishing Rod is upgradeable using different materials, such as Silver and Iron.


This guide should have helped you to understand fishing in Valheim. Remember that fishing is a vital activity that provides food and also allows you the opportunity to catch rare and valuable fish. You can catch the largest fish in Valheim with patience, the right gear, and a little bit of skill.

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