Toccoa River Fly Fishing: An Expert Guide for Anglers

toccoa river fly fishing

The Toccoa River, which flows through the beautiful mountains of northern Georgia offers fly fishers a unique opportunity to catch prized trout in tranquil surroundings. The Toccoa river is a favorite destination for angling fans from all over the United States, thanks to its abundance of fish and stunning scenery. Here’s everything you need to plan a trip to Toccoa for fly fishing.

Toccoa River Overview

The Toccoa River is a 93 mile-long river located in Blue Ridge Georgia. It is an tributary to the Ocoee River. The river is known as a habitat for brown, rainbow and brook trout because of its deep pools, rapids and rocky shoals. The Toccoa river, which is controlled by a dam, is perfect for fly fishing all year round.

Fly-Fishing Techniques

To increase your chances of catching fish, you need to know different techniques. Toccoa river fly-fishing techniques include:

  • Dry fly fishing
  • Nymph fishing
  • Streamer fishing

Dry-flying is best done during the summer. It is a visual technique which involves casting a line directly in front of the fish as it feeds on the surface of water. Nymph fishing can be done at any time of the year. It involves casting a nymph beneath the surface of the water, which mimics the insects the fish feed on. Streamer fishing can be done all year round. This technique involves casting a fly in a fast moving current that looks like a baitfish.

Fishing Access Points

Toccoa river offers excellent public access for fishermen. Toccoa River has many public access points.

  • Deep Hole
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Sandy Bottoms
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The areas have been marked with public access points, and are the ideal starting point for fly fishing. Visitors must have a valid fishing licence before they can fish on Toccoa river.

Toccoa River Fish Species

Toccoa River is home not only to trout, but also to many other fish species. The brown trout is the most abundant species of fish in the river. Other fish species found in river include:

  • Rainbow trout
  • Brook trout
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Largemouth bass

Toccoa River Flyfishing Tips

To increase your chances of catching fish on Toccoa river, you should consider the following fly-fishing tips:

  • Choose your flies based on the season and the fish species that you intend to catch.
  • You can see fish in the water better with polarized glasses.
  • Increase your accuracy and distance when casting by using a long leader.
  • Plan your fishing trip for early morning or evening, when the fish will be most active.
  • Avoid spooking fish by being cautious and sneaky when wading in the river.


It’s important that you find comfortable accommodations when planning a trip to Toccoa. Numerous cabins, lodges and campsites are available near Toccoa river. Popular accommodations in the area include

  • Riverwatch on the Toccoa
  • Aska Lodge
  • Black Bear Lodge
  • Toccoa Riverside Restaurant


Toccoa is a great destination for fly-fishing enthusiasts who are looking for a unique angling experience. Anglers should visit the river because of its abundance of fish, scenic beauty and public access. To maximize your chances of success, make sure you have the right equipment, fishing license and knowledge before your trip. These tips will help you have an amazing fly fishing experience at Toccoa river.

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