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saltwater fishing license fl


Are you a saltwater fisherman who plans to fish in Florida? Before you hit the water, it’s important to get a FL saltwater fishing permit. A saltwater fishing licence in FL is required by law to confirm your eligibility to catch saltwater species. Florida’s saltwater laws can result in financial penalties that could ruin your fishing experience. This guide will provide you with the most important details about obtaining a FL saltwater fishing permit.

The Importance Of A Saltwater Fishing License In FL

When planning to fish in saltwater areas in Florida, obtaining a saltwater license is essential. Florida has strict regulations for saltwater fisheries to ensure that they are maintained for future generations. A saltwater license in FL allows the fishery management authorities to monitor and regulate saltwater fishing to protect Florida’s valuable fisheries and environment. Fishing without a fishing license can lead to penalties and, in some cases confiscation of equipment.

Saltwater Fishing Licenses Types in Florida

Florida offers different types of saltwater licenses based on resident status, visitor status and age. Here are the different types of saltwater licenses that Florida offers:

Resident Saltwater Fishing licenses

Residents of Florida who have lived there for at least 6 months can apply for a resident saltwater fishing permit. The cost of a resident FL saltwater fishing licence varies depending on the length of the license.

Non-Resident Saltwater fishing licenses

Visitors to Florida who want to fish in saltwater can purchase a non-resident saltwater license. Non-residents may obtain a non-resident saltwater license for three days, seven days, or an annual basis.

Licenses for Charter Boats and Piers

In Florida, a charter boat or fishing pier license is required if you are chartering a boat for saltwater fishing or using one. Passengers on a licensed charter vessel do not need a charter boat or fishing pier license.

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License for Military Personnel

Members of the U.S. military in Florida on active duty, or attending a military training program are exempted from obtaining a license for saltwater fishing.

License for Disabled Persons

If you are disabled and live in Florida, you can get a free saltwater fishing permit if you meet certain criteria.

How to Get a Saltwater Fishing License In FL

It is simple and easy to obtain a saltwater license in Florida. You can get a saltwater license online, over the phone, or in person.

Online Shopping

You’ll need to have a valid email and credit card in order to purchase a saltwater fishing permit online. Follow the prompts on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website to purchase a license for saltwater fishing.


You can also get a saltwater fishing permit by calling the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (888) FISH FLORIDA.

In Person

To obtain a saltwater license in Florida, visit any county tax collector office. Bring a government-issued identification, such as a license or passport, and the license fee.

Cost of a Saltwater Fishing License In FL

The cost of a Florida saltwater fishing permit varies depending on several factors including age, residency status, and license duration. Here are the fees for saltwater licenses in FL.

Resident Saltwater fishing license fees

  • Annual: $17.00
  • Five-year: $79.00
  • Lifetime: $401.50

Saltwater fishing license fees for non-residents

  • Three-day: $17.00
  • Seven-day: $30.00
  • Annual: $47.00

Charter Boat and Pier License fees

  • Charter boat: $225.00
  • Pier: $50.00

Fishing with a Saltwater Fishing License is governed by Florida regulations

Florida saltwater fishing laws are in place to protect fish populations for future generations. Here are the regulations you will need to follow if you have a FL saltwater fishing permit:

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Size and Bag Limits

The size and bag limit for saltwater fish species can change. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission updates regularly on any changes to the size and bag limit of saltwater species.

Fishing Seasons

In Florida, certain fish species have their own fishing seasons. Before heading out to fish, it is important to know when the season is for your target species.

Fishing Methods

Florida has rules on the types of fishing allowed in saltwater. Fishing under docks, using illegal gear and fishing in restricted areas can result in penalties.

Saltwater Fishing License FAQs in Florida

Here are some frequently-asked questions about obtaining an Florida saltwater fishing licence:

Do I need a fishing license in Florida to do catch-and-release?

You need a license to fish in Florida’s saltwater, even if you are only releasing the fish.

Can I use my saltwater fishing licence to fish in freshwater or vice versa?

A saltwater fishing permit is only valid in Florida’s saltwater areas. Freshwater fishing permits are required for fishing in freshwater areas.

Do I need to have a fishing licence if I am a senior citizen?

Senior citizens in Florida are required to have a saltwater license when fishing in saltwater areas.

Can I be fined in Florida for fishing without a permit?

Fishing without a valid license for saltwater fishing in Florida can result in fines and confiscation of equipment.


A saltwater fishing permit is required by law for anyone who plans to fish in saltwater areas in Florida. Florida has strict regulations to ensure the saltwater fish population is sustained for future generations. You can help conserve Florida’s valuable fisheries resources by obtaining a license to saltwater fish.

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