The Importance of Obtaining a Fishing License in Pennsylvania

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Millions of Pennsylvanians enjoy fishing every year. Before you go out on the water, it is important to understand the regulations surrounding fishing licenses. This article will discuss the importance of obtaining an Pennsylvania fishing license and all you need to know about how to obtain one.

Pennsylvania Fishing License Requirements

To fish in public waters in Pennsylvania, anyone 16 years old or older must have a valid fishing licence. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission issues licenses and they can be purchased online or at authorized agents throughout the state.

Different types of fishing licenses available in Pennsylvania

There are many types of fishing licenses in Pennsylvania.

Resident Fishing Licence

Any Pennsylvania resident aged 16 or older who fishes in Pennsylvania’s waters can apply for a Resident Fishing License.

Non-Resident Fishing Licence

Non-residents fishing in Pennsylvania’s waters must have a Non Resident Fishing License.

Senior Resident Fishing Licence

Pennsylvania residents 65 years and older can apply for a Senior Resident Fishing Licence. This license is available at a reduced price.

Senior Non-Resident Fishing Licence

Senior non-residents over 65 years old may also be eligible for a fishing licence in Pennsylvania.

Multi-year Fishing License

Multi-year fishing licenses are available. They offer lower prices for those who fish for more than one calendar year.

7-Day Fishing Licence

A 7-Day Fishing License for those who intend to visit Pennsylvania for a brief period of time is available.

3-Day Fishing Licence

A 3-Day Fishing License can be purchased if you intend to fish in Pennsylvania for less than three days.

Trout/Salmon Permit

A Trout/Salmon Permit is required for any angler who plans on fishing for trout and salmon in Pennsylvania.

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Benefits of obtaining a Pennsylvania fishing license

If you intend to fish in Pennsylvania’s waters, a valid fishing licence is necessary. Here are some benefits to obtaining a Pennsylvania fishing license:

Legal fishing

A valid fishing license is required to legally fish in Pennsylvania’s streams, lakes, and rivers. You could be fined, sued, or even have your gear confiscated if you don’t have a license.

Protecting the Environment

A portion of every fishing licence fee paid in Pennsylvania goes to conservation efforts to protect and sustain the state’s wildlife. You are helping to preserve the environment for future generations by obtaining a fishing licence.

Enjoyment is Increasing

Fishing can be a relaxing, enjoyable activity. However, it is important to ensure that you are fishing ethically and legally. Fishing with confidence is possible when you have a fishing license.

How to get a fishing license in Pennsylvania

There are many ways to get a Pennsylvania fishing license.


Online purchase of a fishing license is possible through the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website.


A fishing license can be purchased in person at authorized agents or at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission offices.

By Mail

You can also order a fishing licence by mail. You can download and complete the appropriate form on the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s website and mail it at the address indicated.


A fishing license is an essential part of being a responsible angler. You are supporting Pennsylvania’s conservation efforts and helping to ensure that you are fishing legally and ethically. Before you go fishing, make sure you have a valid license.

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