The Importance of Having a Fishing License in NC

fishing licence nc

North Carolina is home to many recreational activities, including fishing. North Carolina law requires a valid fishing permit to catch fish such as trout, bass or other types. This article will explore the importance of a fishing licence in NC.

What is a fishing license?

A fishing license is the legal permit that the state of North Carolina requires for anyone who wants to fish in public waters. Also known as a Wildlife Resources Commission fishing license. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission issues the fishing license. It is valid for a year after the date of purchase.

Do I need a fishing license?

Anyone 16 years old or older who wants to fish on public waters in North Carolina must have a fishing license. Non-residents must also have a valid fishing license.

Types of fishing licenses

North Carolina offers a variety of fishing licenses that can be customized to meet the needs of different fishermen. These include:

  • Resident Annual Fishing Licence – This license is valid for North Carolina residents for one calendar year.
  • Non-Residents Annual Fishing Licence – This license is valid for non-residents for one calendar year.
  • This 10-day coastal recreational fishing license is for non-residents. It is valid for ten consecutive days.
  • Lifetime Fishing License (North Carolina Residents) – This license allows North Carolina residents to fish throughout their lifetime.
Fishing license fees

The cost of a North Carolina fishing license depends on the license type you purchase. The fees will be as follows in 2021:

  • Resident Annual Fishing Licence – $25
  • Non-Resident annual fishing license – $45
  • 10 Day Coastal Recreational Fishing Licence – $20
  • Lifetime fishing license – $300 for ages 1-11 and $500 for ages 12 and older
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Where can I buy a fishing license?

You can buy a fishing licence in North Carolina from a variety of locations, including

  • Online through the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Website
  • Wildlife Service Agents are located at all locations
  • Some bait and tackle stores

Why is a fishing license important?

A fishing license is essential for several reasons. Here are some of them:

It’s the Law

In North Carolina, as we have already mentioned, a fishing permit is required for anyone who wishes to fish in public water. You could be fined and even face legal action if you are caught fishing without a valid license.

Conservation Efforts

The money collected through fishing license fees goes to fund conservation in North Carolina. These efforts include habitat repair, research, and restocking programs to maintain the state’s abundant fish population.


The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission oversees all fishing activities in the State to ensure everyone is following rules and fishing safely. This helps prevent accidents and protects both anglers as well as fish.


The fishing license fees are also used to maintain and improve access to public waterways in North Carolina. This allows anglers to find many great fishing spots in the state.


Anyone who wants to fish on public waters in North Carolina must have a fishing licence. It is not only the law, it also supports conservation efforts and ensures everyone can enjoy fishing within a safe and regulated setting. Be sure to obtain your fishing license in NC before you embark on your next fishing trip.

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