Terraria Fishing Rods: Mastering the Art of Fishing in Terraria

terraria fishing rods

If you are looking for a relaxing hobby in Terraria then fishing is a great option. In Terraria fishing is more than just a hobby. It’s a way to get rare items. Fishing rods can be used to catch fish and increase the chances of finding valuable loot. This guide will tell you everything you need about Terraria’s fishing rods.

Terraria fishing rods: An introduction

Terraria fishing poles are tools used by players to catch fish. They are available in different types, with varying degrees or effectiveness. Some fishing rods are made for certain types of fish while others can increase your chances of catching rare objects. Fishing is not only important for food, but also to acquire valuable items like crates, quests, and accessories.

Terraria fishing rods come in many different types.

Terraria has a variety of fishing rods. Each rod has unique attributes that increase the likelihood of players catching a fish. Here’s an overview of some of Terraria’s most popular fishing rods:

Wooden fishing rod

The first fishing rod that players can use in Terraria, is the Wooden Fishing Rod. It is the weakest rod in the game with a fishing strength of only 5. This rod can be crafted by players using ten Wood pieces on a workbench. This rod is the weakest but it’s good for beginners.

Buggy Fishing Rod

The Buggy Fishing Rod is more powerful than the Wooden Fishing Rod, with a fishing power rating of 25. This rod can be acquired through fishing quests. This rod is great for catching low level fish.

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Fiberglass Fishing Rod

The Fiberglass Fishing Rod has a higher level than the Buggy Fishing Rod. It has a fishing strength of 30, making it more effective. This rod can be purchased from the Angler NPC by players who have completed a number fishing quests.

Fisher of Souls

The Fisher of Souls rod is one of the most powerful fishing rods in Terraria. It has a 35 fishing power and a 1 in 7 chance that it will not consume bait. This rod can be obtained by completing quests and catching the Angler NPC.

Golden Fishing Rod

The Golden Fishing Rod in Terraria is the ultimate fishing tool. It has the highest fishing power in the game, with a 50. It also has a chance of 1 in 3 not consuming bait. To get this rod, the player must complete all 50 quests given by the Angler NPC.

Terraria fishing rods: How to use them

Terraria’s fishing rods are easy to use. To catch fish, players must equip a fishing pole and use bait. Bait can be obtained by various means such as gardening or fishing. Once the players have their bait they will need to find an appropriate body of water in which to fish. The players can fish in any body of water as long as the width is at least 75 tiles.

Fishing in Terraria

Casting your line into the water is all you need to do to start fishing. The rod will shake when a player has caught a fish. To reel in the line, they need to press Use. Press the Use key as soon as the bobber sinks completely to increase your chances of catching a fish.

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Tips for Successful Fishing

Here are some tips to increase your chances of success when fishing in Terraria:

Fishing in the right place –

Diverse bodies of water contain different types of fish. If you want to catch a certain fish, you must fish at the right place.

Choose the right bait

Bait can affect your chances of catching a fish. Certain baits work better with certain types of fish. Players should experiment and try different types of lures.

Timing is everything –

Wait until the bobber has completely sunk before pressing the Use button. If they press the key too soon, they risk losing their fish.


Terraria fishing poles are essential for catching fish and acquiring valuable materials. Knowing how to use a fishing rod and the right bait can increase your chances of catching rare objects. This guide will help players enjoy the benefits of Terraria’s fishing. Happy fishing!

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