Sunset Beach Fishing Pier

sunset beach fishing pier

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier, located in Sunset Beach North Carolina, is a popular attraction. This stunning pier offers visitors and anglers a memorable experience. The pier’s breathtaking views, tranquil ambiance, and abundance of marine life make it a must-visit for fishing enthusiasts and nature fans.

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier was built in the early 1960s. Originally called “Glenn’s Fishing Pier,” the pier quickly gained popularity with locals and tourists. Over the years, it has undergone numerous renovations and improvements to provide visitors with top-notch amenities and fishing facilities.

Location and Scenic Beauty

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier, located at Sunset Beach’s western end, offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The natural beauty of the pier, such as picturesque sunsets and calm waters, creates an awe-inspiring and tranquil atmosphere.

Fishing Opportunities

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier offers a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. This pier is a great place to learn how to fish, whether you are an experienced angler or a novice. The pier extends into the ocean 900 feet, giving you plenty of space to cast lines and explore different fishing techniques.

Anglers will be able to catch a variety of fish species including flounder, trouts, red drums, black drums, sheepsheads, and many more. Anglers will be delighted by the abundance and variety of marine life that can be found in these waters.

Amenities and Facilities

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier provides a variety of amenities and facilities to ensure that its visitors are comfortable and convenient. The pier has a bait and lure shop that offers everything anglers require for a successful trip. The shop offers everything from fishing gear and bait, to snacks and refreshments.

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The pier also offers fishing equipment rentals for those who do not want to bring their own. Friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions or provide advice about fishing. For the convenience of our visitors, we also provide clean public restrooms as well as ample parking.

Family-Friendly Activities

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier caters to more than just fishing enthusiasts. The Sunset Beach Fishing Pier is a favorite destination for families who want to spend a fun-filled afternoon by the ocean. The pier is a great place for families to enjoy a variety of activities. There are scenic walks, birdwatching spots, and picnicking areas with beautiful ocean views.

Children can explore the marine life and try fishing with their parents or pier staff. The tranquil and safe environment of the pier is ideal for creating lasting memories with your family.

Guided Fishing Tours

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier offers guided tours for those who are new to fishing, or want to improve their experience. Guides will show you the best fishing spots and teach you the basics of fishing. They will also share their knowledge on the local marine environment.

These guided tours are ideal for individuals or small group who want a more personalized fishing experience. You will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of these professionals, whether you are a novice or an experienced angler.

Conservation Efforts

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier offers more than just recreation and entertainment. It is also dedicated in promoting and conserving the local marine eco-system. The pier is actively involved in various conservation efforts, such as shoreline cleanups and educational programs.

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Visitors can learn the importance of marine preservation and the impact their actions have on the ecosystem. The Sunset Beach Fishing Pier is a vital part of ensuring the health and sustainability on the long term of the local marine ecosystem by promoting responsible fisheries and raising awareness.

Events and Tournaments

The Sunset Beach Fishing Pier hosts many events and fishing competitions throughout the year that attract anglers near and far. These events are a great way to showcase the passion and skill of local and visiting fisherman, creating an exciting and competitive environment.

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier is always hosting exciting events, from catch-and release tournaments to species-specific challenge. These events are not only a source of entertainment, but also a way to learn about the local fishing community and interact with them.

Nearby Attractions

The Sunset Beach Fishing Pier offers a variety of activities and attractions. However, the surrounding area also has many points of interest. The charming town of Sunset Beach is a great place to explore, with its shops and restaurants, as well as the vibrant local culture.

Nature lovers can explore the nearby Bird Island Reserve and observe a variety of bird species. Golfers can enjoy a round at one of many golf courses located in the area.


Sunset Beach Fishing Pier offers more than just a fishing experience. It is a place that brings nature, adventure and camaraderie together. The Sunset Beach Fishing Pier offers an unforgettable experience to anglers and families alike, thanks to its breathtaking location and top-notch facilities.

Sunset Beach Fishing Pier, a place to make memories, is the perfect place to cast your line into the Atlantic or take a leisurely walk along the pier. Plan your visit to discover the beauty and excitement that this renowned fishing Pier has to offer.

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