Smith Mountain Lake Fishing Charters: A Guide to the Best Fishing Experience

smith mountain lake fishing charters

Welcome to Smith Mountain Lake. It is one of the most popular destinations for fishing in the United States. Smith Mountain Lake fishing trips are perfect for avid anglers who want to catch some big fish. Smith Mountain Lake’s vast waterways and abundance of fish species make it a great place to go fishing.

Fish Species You Can Catch

You can catch a variety of fish at Smith Mountain Lake including largemouth, smallmouth, striped bass and catfish. Our fishing charters cater to all levels of experience, whether you’re an experienced pro or a novice looking to learn the ropes. Our guides will guide you to the best spots for fishing and help you catch your biggest fish ever.

Fishing Charter Packages

We offer a variety of packages, including half-day or full-day trips. We can also customize fishing trips to meet your needs and preferences. You can choose between our fully equipped pontoon boats or bass boats, depending on the type of fishing you prefer.

Fishing Equipment and Tutorials

Our guides will provide all the equipment you need, including rods and reels, lures, baits and baits. We offer fishing tutorials that will help you learn how to cast, reel, and land a fish. Our guides are patient, knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to ensure you have a successful trip.

Catch and Release Fishing

Smith Mountain Lake fishing tours can help you whether you want to fish for fun or for a tasty dinner. Our guides are experts in the lake, its fish species and will help you select the right technique and bait for catching your desired fish. We encourage catch and release fishing to preserve the natural resources of the lake. If you would like to keep your catch we can clean it and fillet.

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Other Activities to Enjoy

Smith Mountain Lake is not just about fishing. It offers a variety of other activities such as boating, hiking and camping. You can also explore stunning scenery of the lake, including picturesque mountains and lush forest. Our fishing charters offer scenic tours around the lake so you can capture its beauty in a new way.

Tips for a Successful Fishery Trip

You need to be aware of a few things when planning a trip to Smith Mountain Lake to go fishing. You must first obtain a fishing permit before you can fish in the lake. Be aware of the fishing regulations for the lake, including size limits and seasons. Dress appropriately for the weather, and bring snacks, drinks, sunscreen, insect repellent and other items for your trip.


Smith Mountain Lake fishing is a must for any adventure-seeking angler. Smith Mountain Lake, with its stunning scenery, diverse fish species and experienced guides, is the ideal destination for your next fishing adventure. Book your fishing trip today and prepare for an unforgettable fishing adventure.

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