Skyrim Fishing: 10 Tips to Catch 5-Star Fish Quickly!

skyrim fishing

Introduction to Skyrim Fishing

The adventurer can fish in Skyrim to get various ingredients and potions, as well as a glimpse into the daily life of a common citizen in the game. Fishing can be a rewarding activity that requires patience and skill. There are many rewards that make it worthwhile. This comprehensive guide will cover the types of fish found in Skyrim. It will also discuss the tools required to fish. We’ll also discuss the effects of weather on fishing trips. Finally, there will be a list of frequently asked questions to help you make the most out of your fishing trips in Skyrim.

Different types of fish

The primary goal of fishing in Skyrim, is to catch various types of fish that are scattered throughout the game’s many bodies. Each type of fish is unique and can only be found in certain areas. Here’s a list of all the types of fish that you can find in Skyrim.


The Lurker, a long, eel-like fish, can be found in rivers and streams. It is quite common and can be caught using a basic fishing rod. The Lurker can be used to catch other types fish and as a food item.


The Silverfish is a small, silvery-colored fish that is found in lakes and rivers. Although it is more common in the colder regions of Skyrim, it can be caught in any water with a basic fishing rod. It can also be used as bait. However, it also has a special effect that is associated with eating: it increases your stamina regeneration rate.

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Skeever Tail

The Skeever Tail, a rare fish that can only ever be caught in swamps or marshes, is unique. It is extremely rare and can only be caught using an enchanted fishing pole. Although the Skeever Tail can make potent potions, it is not edible and has no special effects.


The Deathfish is a rare species that can only be found in deeper water bodies. It can only be caught using an enchanted fishing rod. When eaten, it has a special effect that boosts your Magicka regeneration rate.

You will need the following tools and equipment to fish

You will need some basic equipment to begin fishing in Skyrim. For the most common fish species, such as the Lurker or Silverfish, a basic fishing rod will suffice. An enchanted fishing pole is required to catch rare fish such as the Skeever Tail or Deathfish. Bait is also a good idea as some fish will bite more if it is present. You can find bait in alchemy shops or you can make it yourself with basic ingredients. To catch larger fish, you will need a strong fishing line.

Weather and Fishing

Your chances of catching fish can be affected by the weather and environment. Some fish are only caught in certain weather conditions or at a particular time of the day. You need to pay attention to the weather when you fish. It can make a big difference in your success rate. Clear skies, calm waters, and warmer temperatures make it easier for you to catch fish. Stormy conditions can make it more difficult.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Skyrim Fishing

  1. What tools are necessary for fishing in Skyrim

    You will need a basic fishing pole, an enchanted fishing reel to catch rarer fish and a long fishing line to catch larger fish to begin fishing in Skyrim. You might also be able to benefit from using bait.

  2. What kinds of fish can I catch in Skyrim

    Skyrim can catch many types of fish, including Silverfish, Deathfish, Skeever Tail, Lurker, and Silverfish.

  3. Where can I buy enchanted fishing rods

    You can find enchanted fishing rods in random places, such as chests or sold by merchants.

  4. Do I need bait to catch fish

    Although it is not necessary to catch fish with bait, it can be useful in certain situations. You can find bait in alchemy shops or make it yourself with basic ingredients.

  5. Can the weather affect my chances of catching fish

    Yes, weather and environment can affect your chances of catching fish. Clear skies, calm waters, and warmer temperatures make it easier for fish to be caught. Stormy conditions make it harder.

  6. Are there any special effects from eating fish?

    Yes, certain fish can have special effects when they are eaten. The Silverfish increases your Stamina recovery rate, while the Deathfish increases your Magicka regeneration rate.

  7. What happens if I catch fish that I don’t like?

    You can sell any fish caught to merchants for a small sum of gold or use it as bait to catch more fish.

  8. What are the best places for fishing in Skyrim

    The type of fish you are looking for will determine the best places to fish. Silverfish can also be found in streams and rivers. Skeever Tails can be found within marshes and swamps. Deathfish can also be found in deeper bodies of water.

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Fishing in Skyrim can be a rewarding activity. This guide will help you to understand how to catch the various types of fish, the equipment and tools required, the effects of weather and the environment on fishing, as well as the most frequently asked questions and answers. We hope this guide has been helpful in your Skyrim fishing adventures!

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