Scrap Metal Tarkov: Everything You Need to Know!

scrap metal tarkov

Are you a fan? If so, you should be familiar with the importance and value of scrap metal in Escape from Tarkov. Scrap metal Tarkov is an essential resource that you will need to be successful in the game. This comprehensive guide will take you into the worlds of scrap metal Tarkov.

What is Scrap Metal Tarkov?

Scrap metal Tarkov can be found in many locations throughout the game. This resource can be used for many purposes, including crafting different items, upgrading your hideout and trading with other players.

Where can you find scrap metal tarkov?

You can find scrap metal Tarkov at a variety locations, including:

  • Abandoned buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Construction sites
  • Junkyards
  • Stations for trains
  • More

These are the best places to find scrap metal to collect.

How to Collect Scrap Metal Tarkov

Once you have found a pile of scrap metal you will need to go up to it, and then press “F” to interact with it. This will allow you to search the scrap metal pile and grab any pieces that you find.

A crowbar can be used to collect scrap metal faster. This tool allows you break down larger pieces into smaller pieces that can be carried easily.

What can you do with scrap metal tartkov?

Scrap metal Tarkov can be used for many purposes. Here are some of the most common ways players use scrap metal in the game.

  1. Crafting products
  2. You can use scrap metal to make a variety items in the game. These include weapons, armor and other gear that will help you survive in Tarkov.

  3. Upgrading your hideout
  4. You can use your hideout to make items, heal your character, or store your resources. You can use scrap metal to make your hideout more functional and efficient.

  5. Trade with other players
  6. Scrap metal can also be traded with other players. You can trade scrap metal for other resources and items that you need in order to advance in the game.

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Tips for Collecting Scrap Metal Tarkov

Here are some tips to help you collect more scrap metal Tarkov.

  1. Every corner is worth a look
  2. You can find scrap metal in many places, so make sure you check every corner while looking for it.

  3. A backpack is a must-have
  4. Scrap metal can be very heavy so make sure you have a backpack with you to transport it all.

  5. Take a look at out-of-the way locations
  6. You may not know it, but these are some of the best places for scrap metal.

  7. Use a crowbar
  8. A crowbar is a great tool to help you reduce larger pieces of scrap metal into smaller pieces that can be carried.


You will need scrap metal Tarkov to advance in the game. This guide will help you to collect scrap metal more efficiently, trade with other players, upgrade your hideout, or craft items. What are you waiting for?! Get started today on your scrap metal scavenging!

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