Saltwater Fishing License in Florida

saltwater fishing license in florida

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A saltwater fishing permit is essential if you are a passionate angler who loves to fish in Florida’s beautiful saltwater destinations. Florida offers some of best saltwater fishing in the country. Having the right license ensures you follow the state regulations and contribute to conservation efforts.

Why Do You Need A Saltwater Fishing License In Florida?

All residents and non-residents of Florida aged 16 or older are required to have a saltwater license, unless they are exempted by law. These licenses help fund conservation programs, research projects, and promote sustainable fishing. By obtaining a fishing license, you directly contribute to the preservation of Florida’s marine resources and its ecosystems.

Saltwater Fishing Licenses Types in Florida

Florida offers a variety of saltwater fishing permits to suit different fishing preferences and durations. Some of the most popular licenses include:

1. Saltwater Fishing License Annual

The annual saltwater license allows you to fish Florida’s saltwater bodies a year after the date of purchase. This license is perfect for those who fish regularly throughout the year. It allows unlimited access to saltwater.

2. 7-Day Saltwater fishing License

The 7-day saltwater license is an excellent option if you plan to fish in Florida for a week. This license is valid seven consecutive days, and it’s a great way to enjoy saltwater fish during your trip.

3. Saltwater Shoreline License

The saltwater shoreline licence is ideal for those who prefer fishing from the shore. This license only allows you to fish in saltwater areas from the shore. It does not allow you to fish on a vessel or from a pier.

4. Other License Options

Florida offers a variety of licenses for saltwater and freshwater fishing, including youth licenses and military licenses. You can choose a license that suits your needs based on your fishing requirements.

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How to Get a Saltwater Fishing License In Florida

It is easy to obtain a Florida saltwater fishing permit. You can purchase it online through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) site, by phone, or from authorized license agents. The process is simple and can be completed within a few easy steps:

1. Online Shopping

Visit the FWC website and navigate to the licensing portal. You can purchase different license types here, including saltwater licenses. You can receive your license via email immediately by following the instructions and providing the necessary information.

2. Authorized License Agents

If you would like a hard copy of your saltwater license, you can find authorized license agents in all parts of the state. These agents can be tackle shops, sporting good stores, or even county tax collectors. You can receive your license as soon as you provide the required information, fill out the application and pay the fee.

3. Phone

You can also call the FWC licensing hotline for a more personalized approach to obtaining your saltwater fishing permit. The customer service representatives guide you through the entire process, collect the necessary information and process payment. Your license will be sent to the specified address after the transaction.

Saltwater Fishing Regulations In Florida

It is important to be familiar with the Florida regulations and guidelines when you are saltwater fishing. These regulations are in place to protect fish populations, preserve ecosystems, as well as ensure sustainable fishing practices. Some of the most important regulations include:

1. Fishing seasons and bag limits

Florida has different seasons and bag limits to fish for different species. These regulations are designed to prevent overfishing, and to allow fish populations to replenish. To avoid violating any laws, it is important to know the seasons and bag limits of the species that you plan to catch.

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2. Size Limits

Florida enforces size restrictions to promote the growth of fish species and their reproductive success. Size restrictions ensure only mature fish is harvested, allowing smaller fish to reach maturity. To stay within legal limits, familiarize yourself with the maximum size of the fish that you intend to target.

3. Protected Species

Florida has several protected species which should not be harvested or targeted. These species include sharks of all types, sea turtles and other endangered marine animals. To ensure the survival of protected species, it is important to identify and release them properly.

4. Fishing Gear Regulations

Florida has specific regulations on fishing gear to protect the marine environment and prevent destructive practices. To minimize the impact of marine habitats and organisms, it is important to only use legal fishing gear.

Benefits of obtaining a saltwater fishing license

A saltwater fishing permit in Florida is not only a guarantee that you will fish legally, but it also comes with several other benefits.

1. Conservation Efforts

The revenue generated by saltwater fishing permits contributes significantly to conservation efforts for Florida’s marine resources. By obtaining a fishing license, you directly contribute to the sustainable management of Florida’s fish populations.

2. Fishing Opportunities

Regulation of fishing ensures healthy fish populations, which allows anglers to have better fishing opportunities. By obtaining a fishing license and adhering to the regulations, you help maintain the balance of the fish population, resulting in abundant and sustainable fishing resources.

3. Supporting Research and Education

The funds generated by fishing licenses go to support marine conservation initiatives and educational programs. By obtaining a fishing license, you enable the development of scientific information and the dissemination of knowledge to promote responsible fisheries.

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4. Peace of Mind

A valid saltwater license will give you peace of mind as you can fish with no worries about penalties or violations. You can enjoy your fishing experience knowing that you’re following the rules and regulations of the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to have a Florida saltwater fishing permit?

Residents and non-residents over 16 years old are required to have a saltwater fishing licence, unless they are exempted from this requirement by law.

2. How much is a saltwater fishing licence in Florida?

The cost of saltwater fishing permits varies according to the type and duration. Prices range from $17 per 3-day license up to $47 per annual license.

3. Can I still fish in Florida for free without a fishing license?

In Florida, fishing licenses aren’t required on certain days. Outside of these designated fishing days, a fishing license is required to fish legally.

4. Can I fish off a bridge, pier or pier if I have a saltwater shoreline licence?

A saltwater shoreline fishing license is only valid for fishing from the shore. You will need a regular Saltwater Fishing License to fish from a bridge, pier or pier.


Residents and non-residents of Florida aged 16 or older are required to obtain a saltwater fishing permit. You can contribute to Florida’s marine resource conservation by purchasing a license. You should always follow the fishing regulations, whether you purchase an annual license or a 7-day saltwater shoreline permit. This will protect fish populations and habitats. Florida offers a wide variety of saltwater fishing opportunities. You can also help to protect the marine ecosystem by using these opportunities.

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