Salmon Run: 8 Adrenaline-Packed Strategies to Win

salmon run

What is Salmon Run?

Salmon Run is a game in Nintendo’s series Splatoon. It involves two teams of up four players taking turns to fight waves of Salmonids (a race of hostile fish-like creatures). The goal is to collect Salmon eggs as well as as many of the Salmonid’s special items within the time limit. While doing so, you must avoid or attack the Salmonids. To defend themselves and collect the eggs, each player has a limited amount of special weapons such as the Dualies Roller, Slosher and Roller. Since its introduction to Splatoon this game mode has been a fan favorite. Many players spend hours catching Salmonids and collecting eggs from the Salmon Run operators. But how much do you know about salmon? Let’s dive in and learn more!

Learn about the Salmon

The salmon (scientific name: Oncorhynchus Salmonides) is a ray-finned fish. The Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) is the most well-known species of Salmon. It is found in the northern Atlantic Ocean, as well as other parts of the globe. They are an integral part of the global commercial fishing industry and are often used in sport fishing. These fish are more than just a food source. They are also a significant part of folklore and mythology with many cultural and religious customs that are related to them.

The Splatoon game series features Salmonids, a race of fish-like creatures. They share many characteristics with Salmon. The Salmonids of Splatoon are hostile and can be fought by players in the game mode Salmon Run. These creatures are the main enemies of the game and have a variety special abilities, including the ability to spitting ink or launching bursts full of bubbles. The Salmonids also have many smaller minions like the Jellyfish, Octors, and Gushers, which can be ink-spitting and small. These are also to be avoided!

Gather the eggs

The main objective of Salmon Run is to collect Salmon eggs. Each wave of Salmonids will have different numbers of eggs scattered around the map. It is the players’ responsibility to collect as many eggs as possible before the time runs out. These eggs are crucial for the completion of the level. Each team must collect a certain amount of eggs to advance. The eggs come in a variety of sizes and colors. They can be carried by players or collected by shooting them. The team must defend the eggs against the Salmonids’ attacks, in addition to collecting them. You can do this by using the various weapons available, such as the Blaster and Jet Squelcher.

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To count towards the team’s total score, eggs must be returned to the bowl after they have been collected. The team’s goal to collect as many eggs as possible within the time limit is to earn rewards such special power-ups and coins. To get the most from your egg collecting efforts, make sure you work with your team!

Get the Special Stuff

The teams must not only collect eggs but also go the extra mile in order to find the Salmon’s special items. These items include Power Eggs or Golden Eggs that must be collected and returned to the bowl. These rare items can be difficult to find so players will need to search the map more carefully to find any power eggs or golden eggs. These items can significantly boost your team’s performance so make sure you give them a thorough search before moving on to the next Salmonid wave.

After the team completes the mission, they will receive coins and other rewards. You can exchange your coins at the Crabby Crew Shop to get more power-ups and items.

Questions about the Salmon Run

Q1: What is Salmon Run?

A1: Salmon Run is an added game mode to the Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch game. This mode allows up to four players to team up and fight against waves of Salmonids. They also have to collect eggs and other items from Salmon’s special pool in the given time limit.

Q2: How do I collect salmon eggs?

A2: To collect Salmon eggs the players must shoot at them using the provided weapons. After the eggs have been shot, the eggs can be picked up and returned back to the bowl. The eggs can also be carried back into the bowl.

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Q3: What are Power Eggs and Gold Eggs?

A3: Power Eggs or Golden Eggs are rare items that can be found within the Salmon’s swimming pool. These items are rarer than regular eggs so they must be searched. The team will be awarded special rewards and power-ups for returning the items to the bowl.

Q4: How do I get coins?

A4: The team receives coins upon completion of the mission. These coins can be traded at Crabby Crew Shop to receive more rewards and power-ups.

Q5: What are the Rewards?

A5: Rewards vary depending on the mission or the team’s performance. These rewards can include coins, special power-ups, and other items.

Q6: How do I strategize with my teammates?

A6: Discuss how to approach each wave with your team and coordinate your efforts to collect as many eggs possible. Before the waves begin, communicate your strategies and make sure everyone understands their roles in the mission.

Q7: What Weapons are Available in Salmon Run?

A7: The weapons used in Salmon Run are the Dualies Roller, Slosher and Roller. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses so make sure you adjust your strategy accordingly.

Q8: How many players can play Salmon Run?

A8: Salmon Run can be played in a team of up to four players. As more people can cover more ground and collect more eggs, co-operative play is encouraged.

Q9: Do You Have Any Special Abilities?

A9: Yes! A variety of special abilities are available to Salmonids, including the ability to spitting ink and launching bubbles. These abilities can be dangerous so be aware.

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Q10: How do I unlock special items?

A10: You can unlock special items like the Jet Squelcher or Blaster by using the coins you collect in Salmon Run. These coins can be used to exchange at the Crabby Crew Shop to get the desired items.

Q11: How do I activate power-ups?

A11: Power-ups are activated by pressing “+” while in-game. This will open the Power-up menu where players can choose the power-up they want.

Q12: How long does each wave last?

A12: Each Salmonid wave will last between 3-5 minutes and is usually between 2-5 minutes. The team must return to the beginning point to end the wave once the time is up.

Q13: How do I revive my teammates?

A13: To revive a teammate who is ill or runs out of health, press the “Y” button. This will allow the player quickly to regain their full health and allow them to continue the battle.

Q14: What is the “Splatfest?”

A14: The Splatfest event is an in-game competition where players can compete in challenges, earn points, and get rewards. This event is held every few week and gives players the chance to get rare items or power-ups.

Q15: How can I increase my rank?

A15: To improve your Salmon Run rank, you need to complete missions and challenges in order to earn experience points. These points can be used to earn rewards or ranks, which will allow you to climb the ladder and become a better Salmon Run player.

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