Salmon Falls Campground: A Natural Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

salmon falls campground

Salmon Falls Campground in Montana is a hidden gem. This campground is located just 15 miles south from the small town of Somers. It’s a great place to get away from the bustle and noise of city life. Salmon Falls Campground is the perfect place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Accommodation Options

Salmon Falls Campground offers a variety of accommodation options to suit all types of campers. Salmon Falls Campground has you covered, whether you prefer the ruggedness and comfort of tent camping or an RV. The facilities are clean and well-maintained. They include a bathroom, showers, and picnic tables.

Salmon Falls Campground offers a luxurious glamping experience for those who are looking to camp in a different way. These tents are spacious and come with heating, plush bedding and a private terrace where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

Recreational Options

Salmon Falls Campground offers a variety of outdoor activities that will allow you to immerse yourself into nature. Flathead Lake, located only a few minutes from the campground, offers visitors endless water-based recreational activities, such as fishing, boating and swimming.

Salmon Falls Campground has miles of hiking and biking trails. The rugged mountains and lush forests provide the perfect setting for those who want to explore on foot or by mountain bike.

Natural Wonders

Salmon Falls Campground is also known for its close proximity of the stunning waterfall with the same name. The cascading water adds a stunning touch to this already picturesque location, making it an ideal spot for photography.

There is a large population of wildlife in the area. Visitors who are lucky may spot wild golden eagles or mule deer in the area. Bird watchers will enjoy the opportunity to see rare and exotic species of birds.

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Nearby Attractions

The location of Salmon Falls Campground makes it a great base to explore other nearby attractions. The Flathead National Forest, which is only a short drive from the campground, offers visitors even more outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, and hiking.

Somers, a nearby town, is also full of surprises. There are many local shops, restaurants and exciting festivals throughout the year.


Salmon Falls Campground is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to relax, explore, and enjoy nature. This campground is one of the best in America because of its stunning natural beauty, wide range of recreational options and comfortable accommodations. Experience the magic of Montana’s great outdoors by booking a stay at Salmon Falls Campground.

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