Redfish Lake Campgrounds: A Gem of the Rocky Mountains

redfish lake campgrounds

Redfish Lake Campgrounds is a natural oasis for outdoor enthusiasts nestled in the Sawtooth National Forest of Idaho. Redfish Lake Campgrounds, with its pristine waters, panoramic mountain views, and endless hiking paths, is a natural paradise that attracts people from all over the world. This campground is perfect for both experienced campers and first-timers.


The Redfish Lake campgrounds are located in central Idaho’s majestic Sawtooth Mountains, just a few minutes south of the charming Stanley. The campgrounds are located on the banks of Redfish Lake. This tranquil setting allows campers to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. The campgrounds are accessible by car via Highway 75.

Camping Experience

Redfish Lake Campgrounds, Idaho’s most popular campground, offers over 200 campsites. The campsites are available in a variety of settings, from shady spots nestled among the trees to those with breathtaking views of the mountains. The campsites are equipped with picnic table, fire rings and restroom facilities. The campground also allows RVs, with a designated RV area.

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Redfish Lake, the main attraction of the campgrounds, offers excellent opportunities for fishing, boating and swimming. The lake is home of several species of fish including trout and Salmon, making it an ideal destination for anglers. Visitors can rent kayaks and paddleboards to explore or swim in the lake.

The mountains surrounding the city offer endless outdoor adventures. Hiking trails take hikers past breathtaking scenery, including serene alpine meadows and soaring mountain peaks. In the area, visitors can also enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding.

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Nearby Attractions

Stanley, a historic town located just a few minutes from the campgrounds is well worth a visit. The town is a great place to learn about the history of the region, with its charming shops, restaurants and museums. The Salmon River is a great place for rafting or kayaking. The hot springs are a relaxing way to relax after a day of hiking.


Redfish Lake Campgrounds is located in the Sawtooth Mountains. This area is home to many species of wildlife. In the area, visitors can see elks, deer, moose and wolves, as well as many birds of prey. The campground is home to a resident Bald Eagle, giving visitors a chance to see this majestic bird up close.

Environmental Stewardship

Redfish Lake Campgrounds is dedicated to protecting the natural beauty in the area. The campground adheres to the Leave No Trace philosophy, encouraging visitors minimize their impact on environment. The campground offers solar-powered showers, compost toilets and recycling stations to reduce its environmental impact.


Redfish Lake Campgrounds offers outdoor enthusiasts a natural oasis that is truly breathtaking. Redfish Lake offers a variety of outdoor activities, breathtaking mountain views and crystal-clear water. Pack your bags, grab hiking boots and head to Redfish Lake Campgrounds. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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