Redfish Fishing Florida: Everything You Need to Know

redfish fishing florida

Are you a fishing enthusiast seeking an exciting adventure? Every angler should experience the thrill of redfish fishing in Florida. Redfish are known for their size, strength and challenging nature. They can be found in Florida’s beautiful waters.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need about redfish fishing in Florida. We have everything you need to know about fishing in Florida, from the best spots to the right equipment.

What is Redfish?

Redfish is also known as Red Drum. It is a popular sport fish found in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. They are known for the copper-red color of their backs and the distinctive black spot near their tail.

Redfish can reach a length of more than 50 inches and weigh up to 90 lbs. Anglers love them for their powerful and strong fight.

When is the best time to go redfish fishing in Florida?

The best time for redfish fishing in Florida is determined by several factors, including water temperature, the season, and tide movements. The best months to go redfish fishing are September through November. During these months redfish are more active and feed more, making them easier for you to catch.

What are the best redfish fishing spots in Florida?

Florida has many great spots to fish for redfish. Here are a few of the best spots to fish for redfish in Florida:

  1. Mosquito Lagoon
  2. Indian River
  3. Charlotte Harbor
  4. Tampa Bay
  5. Pensacola Bay

It is important that you research the location where you plan to fish and make sure that you have all the necessary permits and licenses.

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What equipment do you need for redfish fishing in Florida?

You need the right equipment to catch redfish in Florida. Here is the list of essential equipment you will need.

  1. Rod and Reel : A medium-heavy rod and reel which can handle the weight and size of the redfish.
  2. Fishing Line: For redfish fishing, a braided line with a test of 20-30 pounds is ideal.
  3. Terminal Tackle: Weights, hooks, and swivels will be essential for catching redfish.
  4. Bait: Live baits such as mullet or shrimp are excellent for attracting redfish.

To ensure a successful fishing experience, it is best to invest in high quality equipment.

Redfish fishing techniques in Florida

You need to know how to catch redfish in Florida. Here are some popular redfish fishing techniques:

  1. Bottom fishing involves casting your bait onto the ocean floor, and waiting for the redfish to take it.
  2. Sight fishing: This technique involves casting your bait towards the fish and looking for redfish in shallow water.
  3. Drift Fishing – Drift fishing is the practice of fishing from a boat that drifts over a large area in order to locate redfish.

To increase your chances of catching a redfish, it is important to learn and research all the techniques.


Redfish fishing in Florida is an exciting adventure every angler should try. The guide above provides all the information one needs about redfish fishing. From the best fishing spots to necessary equipment. Before you embark on your fishing trip, make sure to have all the necessary permits and licences. You can catch these powerful and beautiful fish with the right equipment and technique.

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