Pier Fishing Nags Head: A Comprehensive Guide

pier fishing nags head

Pier fishing is a popular activity in Nags Head that attracts anglers with all levels of experience. This coastal town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina has some of the best fishing in the East Coast. Nags Head Pier offers everything an angler needs, from catching King Mackerel and landing Flounder. This guide will tell you everything you need about pier fishing at Nags Head.

The Basics of Pier Fishing at Nags Head

Pier fishing is the act of catching fish using a raised platform that extends over a body or water. Pier fishing is a popular way to fish in Nags Head because it allows anglers to access deeper water where larger fish are likely to be found. The Nags Head Pier, one of the most popular in the area, is a great place for pier fishing. The 750-foot long pier offers plenty of room for anglers.

What fish can you catch at Nagshead Pier?

Nags Head Pier is a great place to catch a variety fish species including Spanish Mackerel and Red Drum. Anglers can also access deeper waters to find larger fish such as Cobia or Mahi Mahi.

When is the best time to go Pier Fishing in Nags Head, North Carolina?

The best time to go fishing on the pier in Nags Head would be during the summer when the water is warm, and the fish are plentiful. The best time to catch fish is early morning and late afternoon, when they are most active.

Gear and Equipment for Pier Fishing at Nags Head

You’ll need the right equipment to go pier fishing at Nags Head. Here are some essentials that you’ll need.

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Fishing Rods

You’ll need to use a longer rod for pier fishing. A rod of 7-10 feet is ideal for pier fishing, as you can cast farther with it. You will be dealing with larger fish, so a medium to heavy power pole is best.

Fishing Reels

You’ll need to choose a spinning reel of the appropriate size for pier fishing. A 3000 to 4000-sized spinning reel with at least 30 pounds braided line will work.

Fishing Line

It is best to use braided fishing line for pier fishing as it is stronger and resistant to abrasion.

Terminal Tackle

Your terminal tackle should include a variety in hook sizes and weights. Circle hooks should be used to prevent gut-hooking of fish.

Baits and lures

Live or cut bait such as shrimp, bloodworms, squid and other species are effective. Artificial lures like spoons or jigs are effective for lures.

Pier Fishing Techniques in Nags Head

Pier fishing is a rewarding and challenging experience. Here are some tips for a successful pier fishing experience in Nags Head.

Fishing Tips

– Pay attention the tide. Fishing during a rising tide is often more productive than during a falling tide. Cast your bait at the end of the dock where the water is deeper. Keep your bait moving to attract fish.

Reeling Techniques

Fighting a fish on a pier takes a bit more finesse than fighting one from a boat. Allow the fish to run for a short time, then reel it back in. Repeat this process until the fish is closer to the pier.


Pier fishing in Nags Head is a great way for anglers of all levels to experience the thrill and excitement of catching different types of fish. You can become a successful fisherman on the pier with the right equipment, techniques and tips. Nags Head Pier offers a great place to fish, whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner.

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