Outer Banks Fishing Piers

outer banks fishing piers


Outer Banks fishing platforms are iconic structures which have drawn tourists and anglers to the North Carolina coast since decades. These piers provide access to some of best fishing spots, with stunning views of Atlantic Ocean and a variety of fish species.

Outer Banks Fishing Piers: History

The first fishing pier in Outer Banks was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Over the years, many piers have been built, each providing a unique fishing experience to visitors.

Types of fish to catch

Outer Banks fishing platforms are known for their diverse selection of fish species, including flounders, trouts, drums, and the occasional shark. Anglers may also catch cobia, bluefish, and mackerel at certain times of the season.

Best Time to Fish

Fish are most active in the early morning and late afternoon. Anglers should consider the weather, water temperature, and tide when planning a fishing trip.

Fishing Techniques

Anglers on Outer Banks fishing platforms can use a wide range of fishing techniques to catch the species they want. Some popular methods are bottom fishing, bait fishing and casting lures.

Outer Banks Fishing Piers

Many Outer Banks fishing docks offer a variety of amenities to visitors, such as bait and tackle shops and snack bars. Some piers offer rental equipment for anglers without their own gear.

Environmental Conservation

Outer Banks fishing platforms are committed to environmental sustainability and conservation. Anglers should practice catch-and-release fishing, avoid littering and follow local fishing laws to protect the marine environment.

Popular Outer Banks fishing piers

Jennette’s Pier

Jennette’s is one of the Outer Banks’ most popular fishing piers. It offers both traditional pier and surf fishing. The pier features a fishing shop, educational programs and a pierhouse with stunning ocean views.

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Avalon Fishing Pier

Avalon Fishing Pier, also known as Avalon Fishing Pier, is a popular fishing spot. It is popular for its prime location and abundance of fish. The pier features a bait and lure shop, picnic tables and a gaming room.

Nags Head Fishing Pier

Nags Head Fishing pier is a historical landmark on the Outer Banks. It attracts anglers because of its rich fishing history. The pier features a full-service dining room, gift shop and rental equipment.

Outer Banks Fishing Pier

Outer Banks Fishing Pier, the oldest pier in the Outer Banks area, offers a classic fishing experience to visitors. The pier features a fish-cleaning station, picnic area and live music during the summer.

Events and Tournaments

Anglers come from far and wide to attend the many events and tournaments held on the Outer Banks fishing platforms. The Outer Banks Surf Fishing Tournament is a popular event, as are the Red Drum Tournament and the Kids Fishing Tournament.

Family-Friendly Activities

Outer Banks fishing platforms are ideal for families who want to spend a day at the beach. Children can learn how to fish, explore marine life in tidepools, or simply enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean while sitting on the pier.

Accommodations and nearby Attractions

Outer Banks fishing-pier visitors can choose from a wide range of nearby accommodations, including beachfront rentals and hotels. There are many attractions to visit, including lighthouses and wildlife refuges.

Weather Safety Tips

Anglers should check weather forecasts and tides before visiting Outer Banks’ fishing piers to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable experience. Bring sunscreen, water and the right fishing gear with you to ensure that you are comfortable on the pier.

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Anglers of any skill level will enjoy the Outer Banks’ fishing piers. These piers offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking to reel a big catch in or simply enjoy North Carolina’s coast.

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