NM Fishing License: Everything You Need to Know

nm fishing license

You’re a passionate angler if you know you need a valid fishing permit before you cast your line into New Mexico waters. Fishing without a license is illegal in NM. We’ve got your back! This article will provide you with the information needed to obtain a New Mexico Fishing License.

What is a NM Fishing License?

A fishing license is required by law to fish legally in New Mexico. A fishing license will allow you to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the abundant waterways in the state while also helping to preserve fish populations.

Why do you need a fishing license in NM?

Fish populations, habitats and ecosystems are protected by laws governing fishing licenses. Anglers play a vital role in conserving the state’s natural resources. Purchasing a fishing licence is the first step to helping maintain the health of its waters.

What species can you fish for with a NM fishing license?

New Mexico fishing permits allow you to fish for trout, bass and catfish. There are many lakes, rivers and streams in New Mexico that are full of fish.

Who needs a NM fishing license?

Anyone over the age of 12 who wants to fish in New Mexico must have a fishing license. Non-residents must also purchase a fishing license to fish in New Mexico.

How much does a fishing license in NM cost?

The cost of your New Mexico fishing permit depends on the length of time you want to buy it, as well as your age and residency status. A resident adult fishing licence costs $25 while a nonresident adult fishing licence costs $56. The state offers reduced rates for seniors, persons with disabilities, and youth.

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How to Obtain a NM Fishing License

Purchasing a fishing license in NM is simple and you can do it in a few different ways. You can buy a license by mail, online, or in person at a licensed vendor.

Online License Purchase for NM Fishing

Online purchasing of NM fishing permits is the fastest and easiest method to obtain one. Follow the prompts on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish’s website to get started. You can buy a license using a debit or credit card. The license will be sent to you via email immediately after the transaction.

Buying a NM Fishing License In Person

You can purchase your fishing license at one of the many licensed vendors in the state. These vendors include sporting good stores, bait and lure shops, and other retailers who sell fishing gear. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has a complete list of licensed retailers.

NM Fishing Licenses by Mail

If you would like to purchase a fishing license via mail, you can obtain an application form on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish’s website and send in a check or money-order for the appropriate fee.

When is a NM Fishing License required?

Fishing without a valid license is illegal in NM. A valid and current fishing license must be in your possession at all times when you are fishing. This is true for all bodies of water within the state including rivers, lakes and streams.

When is a NM Fishing License not required?

In certain circumstances, a NM fishing licence is not required. These include:

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  • During the annual Free Fishing Day in the state, which is usually held in June
  • Residents or non-residents aged 12 and under
  • New Mexico residents 70 years of age or older who have held their resident license for the last five years.

Consequences for Fishing without a License in New Mexico

In New Mexico, fishing without a valid license is a serious crime that can lead to a variety of penalties. Fines, the revocation of fishing rights, and criminal charges are all possible. It’s not worth the risk.

Renewing your NM Fishing License

Remember that New Mexico fishing permits are valid for a limited time, usually a year from the date they were purchased. If you want to continue fishing after the expiration of your license you will have to renew it. Renewal of your license can be done in a few simple steps, either online, by mail, or in person.

Final Thoughts

A New Mexico fishing permit is a must for any angler wishing to fish the abundant waterways of New Mexico. You can purchase a fishing license online, in person or by mail. Remember that fishing with a non-valid license is against the laws and can result in severe penalties. Before you cast your line make sure that you have a current and valid New Mexico fishing permit.

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