New Jersey Fishing Report: A Guide to What’s Biting in the Garden State

new jersey fishing report

New Jersey is the place to go if you want some of the best East Coast fishing. The Garden State is home to a variety of fish species, and offers fishing opportunities for all levels of anglers. This comprehensive fishing report will show you what’s biting and give you some tips and tricks for making the most of your time out on the water.

Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is one of the best places to fish in New Jersey, as it offers a variety of fish species. Striped bass is one of the most popular species, and can be caught either from shore or on a boat. The striped-bass season in New Jersey runs from April 1st until December 31st. For most of the season, a maximum size of 28 inches is allowed.

Anglers can also target blackfish, bluefish, fluke and sea bass in the Atlantic Ocean. Bluefish are an excellent species for beginners as they are easy-to-catch and fight hard. The summer months are the best time to catch fluke, or summer flounder. They make a tasty meal for those who want to fish.

Tips for fishing in the Atlantic Ocean

It’s important to prepare yourself if you’re a newbie to fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Be sure to have the right equipment, including a strong rod and reel and plenty of bait. You should also be aware of currents and tides as they can have a major impact on your success. Try fishing during an incoming tide or an outgoing one, when the water is flowing and the fish more active.

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The weather is another important factor to take into consideration when fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Check the weather forecast before you go out. Rough seas and high wind can make for an uncomfortable and dangerous day on the water. Wait for a calm, clear day with light winds.

Fishing in New Jersey’s Lakes and Rivers

New Jersey offers a wide variety of freshwater fishing opportunities, with more than 4,000 lakes and rivers. New Jersey has many lakes that are popular for fishing, including Lake Hopatcong and Lake Hopatcong.

New Jersey is known for its trout fishing in its rivers and streams. Anglers who are looking to catch rainbow trout, brown trout, or brooks will find the Pequest River a popular place. Other popular rivers to fish for trout include the Musconetcong River and South Branch Raritan River.

Tips for fishing in New Jersey’s Lakes and Rivers

It’s essential to have the right equipment when fishing in New Jersey’s rivers and lakes. It is best to use a lightweight fishing rod and a reel, which can handle smaller fishes and allow for better casting. You’ll want to ensure you have the correct bait or lures depending on the species you are targeting.

The time of year is another important factor to consider when fishing New Jersey’s rivers and lakes. Fish are more active in the spring and fall and more likely to bite. Summer can be more difficult, especially when the water temperature is high. Focus on fishing in the early morning and late evening when the water is coolest and the fish will be more active.

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What’s Biting? A look at New Jersey’s current fishing report

Let’s look at the current fishing conditions in New Jersey. Here are the top species caught in July 2021:

Striped Bass

Anglers continue to target striped bass in New Jersey. Many anglers report success from both shore and boat. Raritan Bay is the best place to catch striped basses, followed by Sandy Hook and Barnegat Bay.


Anglers are reporting good bluefish catches both in the Atlantic Ocean and nearshore waters in New Jersey. Manasquan Inlet, Barnegat Light and other spots are some of the best places to catch bluefish.


Anglers are reporting fluke catches in New Jersey’s inlets and bays. Fluke can be caught in Great Bay, Little Egg Harbor and the Great Egg Harbor River.


Crab-catching is another popular summer activity in New Jersey. Anglers are able to catch blue crabs using crab traps or nets baited with chicken or other bait in many of New Jersey’s bays and inland inlets.

Final Thoughts

New Jersey has some of the best fishing along the East Coast. Anglers of every level can enjoy a variety of fish species. New Jersey offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities, whether you’re looking to catch striped bass or trout along the Atlantic Ocean coast or in one of its many rivers and streams.

Be prepared for your time on water by bringing the right equipment and being aware of the weather, currents and tides. You can increase your chances to catch a big fish in the Garden State by following these tips and keeping up with the latest fishing reports.

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