Nags Head Pier Fishing: The Ultimate Guide

nags head pier fishing

Anglers love to fish from Nags Head Pier. The pier is close to the Gulf Stream and offers anglers the chance to catch big fish. This guide will give you all the information that you need to make your fishing trip a success.


Nags Head Pier can be found in Nags Head, North Carolina on the Outer Banks. The pier extends 750ft into the Atlantic Ocean. It is located at milepost 11.5 along the Beach Road. It is easy to reach and has ample parking.

Fishing Regulations

It is important to be familiar with the fishing regulations for Nags Head Pier before you go out to fish there. The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries regulates the pier and all anglers must follow the state’s fishing regulations. Common regulations include bag and size limits for certain species of fish, gear restrictions, and closed season for certain fish. To avoid fines and ensure compliance, it is important to review the current regulations before you go fishing.

Fishing gear

Anglers have two options when it comes to fishing gear: they can either bring their own gear or rent gear from the shop. Nags Head Pier has a fully stocked tackle store where anglers can either rent or buy fishing gear. For catching fish at the Pier, live bait like shrimp, crabs, and mullet is a popular choice.

Fish Species

Nags Head Pier fishing has a lot to offer. The most popular fish species caught at Nags Head Pier include bluefish, flounder and Spanish mackerel. Anglers can also catch king mackerel and black drum. Sharks are also possible to catch. It’s no surprise that Nags Head Pier is a popular fishing spot.

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Fishing Tips

These fishing tips will help you have a successful fishing trip to Nags Head Pier.


There are many options for accommodation if you’re looking to go fishing at Nags Head Pier. There are many options for accommodation, including hotels, motels, vacation rentals, and campsites. There are many campgrounds available in the area, including the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Campgrounds.

In Conclusion

Anglers visiting the Outer Banks should not miss Nags Head Pier fishing. The pier is a great place to catch big fish, thanks to its wide variety of fish species and proximity to the Gulf Stream. These tips and the fishing regulations can help anglers have a fun and successful fishing trip at Nags Head Pier.

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