MN Fishing License: A Complete Guide to Fishing in Minnesota

mn fishing license

A Minnesota fishing license is required if you plan to fish in Minnesota. A Minnesota fishing license is required for all residents, regardless of whether you are a resident or non-resident. This comprehensive guide will help you learn everything you need about Minnesota fishing licenses, Minnesota fishing regulations, and more.

What is a MN Fishing License?

A Minnesota fishing license allows anglers to fish in Minnesota waters. A valid Minnesota fishing permit is required for all persons over 16 years old to fish in Minnesota’s rivers, lakes, and streams.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), issues fishing licenses. They can be purchased online, at authorized retailers, or at DNR offices.

Types of Minnesota Fishing Licenses

Minnesota offers many types of fishing licenses. We’ll explore them all below.

  • Resident Minnesota Fishing License This type license is only available to Minnesota residents. A resident is someone who has been in the state for at least 60 days before purchasing a fishing license.
  • Non-Resident Minnesota Fishing License This license can be used by anyone who is not a Minnesota resident. Non-resident fishing licenses are available for visitors from other states.
  • Minnesota Fishing Licenses for Life: This type license is valid for the entire life of the license holder. The price of a license varies depending on age. Seniors and younger people get discounts.
  • Combination Angling License This license allows anglers to catch fish and/or small game.

Minnesota Fishing Regulations

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources regulates fishing in Minnesota. It is our responsibility as anglers to be familiar with and adhere to Minnesota’s fishing regulations. Here are some important regulations every angler should be aware of:

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  • Dates of the fishing season: The fishing seasons in Minnesota run from May through October.
  • Catch and release: All fish must be released, except those intended for human consumption. Any fish that is caught and not being eaten must be returned to the water immediately with the greatest care to ensure its survival.
  • Fish limits: Anglers can only keep certain sizes and numbers of fish depending on the species.
  • Bait – Live Bait is available in most stores in Minnesota. Make sure you understand the differences between the types that are allowed to be used in Minnesota.

How to get a Minnesota Fishing License

There are a few options available when it comes to getting a MN fishing licence:

  • Online: You have two options to purchase your Minnesota Department of Natural Resources fishing license.
  • In-person: A license can be purchased from an authorized retailer, DNR office, or DNR office.
  • Mobile App Download the MN Department of Natural Resources app to use cashless transactions and many other convenient tools for purchasing your MN fishing license, or to display your license.

How Much Does a MN Fishing Licence Cost?

The price of a Minnesota fishing license varies based on the type you choose. Here are the current prices of Minnesota fishing licenses as at 2021.

  • Resident Individual $26 (valid one year)
  • Resident 3-Year Individual $71
  • Resident Junior (12-15 years old): $5 (valid one year).
  • Resident Individual Lifetime: 500
  • Non-Resident Individual $51 (valid one year)
  • Non-Resident 7-Day: $39
  • Non-Resident Individual 72-Hour: $36
  • Military members: Current military personnel are eligible to receive a free MN fishing licence.
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Minnesotans love fishing, so a valid Minnesota fishing license is required. No matter if you are a Minnesota resident or visitor, a Minnesota fishing license is required. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the different types of Minnesota fishing licenses, the Minnesota fishing regulations, and how to purchase a Minnesota fishing license. A valid fishing license allows you to explore the amazing fishing spots in Minnesota and catch some of the rare fish species found there.

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