MN DNR Fishing License: All You Need to Know

mn dnr fishing license

You’ll need a Minnesota DNR fishing permit if you plan to go fishing. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources requires that all anglers have a valid license before they cast a line in any of the state’s lakes, rivers or streams. We’ll answer all your questions about MN DNR Fishing Licenses in this article.

What is a MN DNR fishing license?

A Minnesota DNR fishing permit allows anglers the legal right to fish in Minnesota waters. Residents and non-residents alike must have a fishing license to fish in Minnesota waters. The license fees are used to fund conservation efforts, improve fish populations, and maintain fishing infrastructure.

Who needs a MN DNR fishing license?

Anyone 16 years old or older who wants to fish in Minnesota must have a MN DNR fishing permit. Minnesota does not require fishing licenses for those under 16 years old, but they must still follow fishing regulations and size limitations. If you are not a Minnesotan resident, you will also need a non-resident license to fish within the state.

Where can you get a MN DNR fishing license?

You can get a fishing license from the Minnesota DNR in several ways. It is easiest and most convenient to purchase it online through the Minnesota DNR’s website. You can also purchase a license at any authorized MN DNR vendor, such as bait shops, sporting good stores, or some county government offices.

What types of MN DNR fishing licenses are there?

The MN DNR offers a variety of fishing licenses that can be tailored to the needs of different anglers. Here are the most common types MN DNR Fishing Licenses:

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Resident Fishing Licenses

Only Minnesota residents can purchase a resident fishing license. They are valid for a year from the date they were purchased and expire February 28th of the following year. Resident licenses cost less than non-resident ones, and there are different price options depending on what type of fishing you intend to do.

Non-Resident fishing licenses

Anyone who does not live in Minnesota can purchase a non-resident fishing permit. These licenses are available in different price ranges, depending on what type of fishing is planned. They also have a variety of validity periods depending on their type.

Short-Term Fishing Licences

These licenses are ideal for those who do not fish regularly or only plan to visit Minnesota briefly. Residents and non-residents can get them. They come in different lengths, ranging from seven days up to three consecutive days.

Lifetime Fishing Licenses

Minnesota residents can purchase lifetime fishing licenses that are valid throughout your life. These licenses may be more expensive up front, but can save you money if you fish frequently.

How much does a fishing license cost in Minnesota?

The cost of a MN DNR fishing licence depends on a number of factors, including the type of fishing that you plan to do and the length of the license. Here are some estimated costs for MN DNR fisheries licenses:

Resident Licenses

  • Individual angling license: $25
  • Family angling licence: $40
  • Combination angling: Fishing and small game: $44
  • Conservation angling: $17

Non-Resident Licenses:

  • Individual angling license: $51
  • Family angling licence: $69
  • Combination angling: $80
  • Conservation angling: $35
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Short-Term Licenses:

  • Fishing license for 7 days (for residents and non-residents). $12
  • Individual 72-hour fishing license for residents and non-residents: $14

When do MN DNR fishing licenses expire?

The MN DNR fishing licences expire on the 28th February of the following calendar year, regardless of when the license was purchased. If you buy a license in the current season, then it will expire on February 28, so plan accordingly.

What are the fishing regulations in Minnesota?

Anglers in Minnesota must adhere to specific fishing regulations, including bag limits and size restrictions. Minnesota DNR has all the current fishing rules on their website.

What Happens if You Are Caught Fishing in Minnesota Without a License?

Minnesota has a strict law against fishing without a valid license. This can lead to heavy fines and penalties. If you are caught fishing without an MN DNR fishing permit, you could face fines of up to $500. You may also lose your fishing rights for a certain period.


A MN DNR Fishing License is more than a permit. It’s a great way to protect Minnesota’s aquatic resource and contribute to conservation efforts. The process of getting a MN DNR license is simple, regardless of whether you are a resident or a non-resident. Fees go towards promoting sustainable fisheries. Check the current fishing regulations at your favorite fishing spot before you go, and follow proper fishing etiquette.

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