Mallard Creek Fish Camp: Exploring the Essence of Authentic Southern Cooking and Freshwater Fish

mallard creek fish camp

Mallard Creek Fish Camp in Charlotte, North Carolina is the quintessential seafood destination. The restaurant has been serving locals for more than thirty years. The restaurant is famous for its signature dishes, such as fried hush puppies and coleslaw. It’s a benchmark of authentic Southern cooking.

History of Mallard Creek Fish Camp

The Price family established Mallard Creek Fish Camp in 1932 after moving to Charlotte from Rock Hill, South Carolina. Farmers, they supplemented their income with fishing on the nearby Catawba River. They quickly realized the potential of the catch and began to sell the fish to locals. Over the years, they acquired over 100 acres and added cabins and restaurant to their establishment in order to cater to the increasing clientele. The restaurant is still owned by the same family today and has become an icon in Charlotte.

Ambience and Location

The ambiance of Mallard Creek Fish Camp is cozy and rustic. Its wooden walls, floors, and ceilings bring back memories of old Carolina. The restaurant is located near the Catawba River and offers a picturesque view of rural countryside. Many visitors enjoy relaxing on the porch while enjoying their seafood meal. The dining room is furnished with traditional furniture that enhances the Southern charm.


The menu at Mallard Creek Fish Camp is a collection of dishes derived from old Southern recipes. The menu is dominated by freshwater fish such as catfish and bass. They also serve seafood like shrimp, clams, oysters and clams. Mallard Creek Fish Camp takes pride in using only local, fresh ingredients for their recipes. They also make their hush puppy, coleslaw and hot sauce in-house. This shows their commitment to providing only the best food for their customers.

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Signature Dishes

The Catfish Stew is another famous dish made with fresh catfish and potatoes, onions and spices. This stew comes with a side dish of hot cornbread that is perfect for dipping in the stew.

Special Events and Catering

Mallard Creek Fish Camp can host special events like birthday parties, weddings or family reunions. They cater for these events, customizing their menus to meet the needs of the event. They can cater for both small and large gatherings. Their friendly staff will ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience with excellent service and delicious foods. Mallard Creek Fish Camp is proud that generations of families have celebrated special occasions in their restaurant.

Reviews and Awards

The Mallard Creek Fish Camp received many accolades throughout the years. In 2019, Charlotte Magazine voted it “Best Fish Camp of Charlotte”. The restaurant has also received high marks from well-known critics, such as the Charlotte Observer. Customers are raving about the restaurant and have left rave reviews across various platforms. Customers often mention the authenticity of Southern-style cooking and the freshness of seafood. The restaurant’s excellent customer service has also been praised by guests.


Mallard Creek Fish Camp has been a successful restaurant for over a century. They have earned a reputation as serving some of best seafood cuisine around. Their commitment to using local, fresh ingredients and their dedication of traditional Southern-style cookery has helped them gain this reputation. Visitors can create lasting memories while enjoying the fresh catch of the day. Mallard Creek Fish Camp is a must-see the next time you plan a trip to Charlotte.

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